IGN PlayStation's Most Anticipated Games of E3 2008

With less than two weeks to go, E3 is nearly upon us. Though it might not be the neon-lit, thumping bass-driven, boob-fueled spectacle of years past, the videogames industry's premiere event is still the place for first- and third-party announcements. This year, despite the diminutive size of the event, looks primed to be a major source of software reveals, surprise announcements and a one-stop showcase for what's to come in the next few months and into the new year.

With this in mind, your trusty buddies at IGN PlayStation sat down and had a little pow-wow to decide what we're looking forward to most, be it already announced titles, could-be unveilings and, we hope, the source of more than a few industry-shaking declarations. So pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, and join us for a tour of what's to come as we roll into the 2008 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

eagle215562d ago (Edited 5562d ago )

That's my wish.

Silogon5562d ago

Eagle that Games blow and the real Gamesblow are not the same guy and I am not either of them. I am on that blog, but I am not Games blow or Gamesblow. Again, you all look really silly. Really silly.

pwnsause5562d ago

gamesblow please, why dont you tell us the games that sony is going to show at E3 and stop being anti-Sony for once OK?

eagle215562d ago

Gamesblow has the orange little snorkle guy as his avatar on The Playstation Blog. He sounds just like you man. I have never read one post other than yours and gamesblow refering to the Dylan from Infamous as "carrot top". That made the red lights go off to me. You also are the only two who complained about how he looks in detail on more than one occasion. I don't know man.... Go to the Infamous article on PS Blog. Gamesblow is all over that post. And how do you know two gamesblow's?

Silogon5562d ago (Edited 5562d ago )

Eagle I am all too familiar with Gamesblow and Games blow. Gamesblow "the real one" was a staple on Neo-gaf for a bit of time when he would go make predictions or others would post his junk on the site.

Games blow is the one I met on Gamefaqs and the Official Forums. I didn't know he was on the blog until about 4 weeks ago, as I don't go there much. I am in that blog and I actually agreed with Games blow if you look up the page a bit. < I didn't even wanna reveal that much actually.

Trust me, I am not either of the two. I am familiar with both and interact with the fake one from time to time, but that is about as close as I come to being either of them.

I'm not going to argue with you or anyone else on it any longer. If you want to go around saying I am him, fine. I know I'm not and others do as well. Actually, others here have said who I was a time or two to be honest with you.

eagle215562d ago

I trust you. Your comments are your comments. I will never imply you are gamesblow again. I sincerely apologize.

But you seem to like to make people look dumb for talking straight with you. Then you flip the script and act like a totally different personality. That is YOUR FAULT. You have to STOP or choose one personality.

The guy who's name starts with a G used to do the same thing. That is the reason why people think your him. It was this strange pull and push thing he had with Sony. Every other company could get away with murder. But you are Silogon to me now. :)

JBaby3435562d ago

I'm looking forward to many games. Socom is definitely up there as is KZ2 and R2. Also LBP and hopefully some inFamous vids. Ok honestly I can't decide. Bring em all.

BTW, shut up gamesblow.

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PirateThom5562d ago

God of War III
Jak and Daxter
Vib Ribbon PS3. BELIEVE.

J@D5562d ago

God of War 3
Disgaea 3
Resistance 2

For me.

TayTayShaniqua5562d ago

FFXIII most likely won't have anything new until Tokyo Game show later on in the year.

ThanatosDMC5562d ago

Yeah, you make sense... i mean, Japan = Tokyo, FF = god of RPG...

Btw, im having a hard time killing Elementals in FF12, im level 18... Hardest Final Fantasy i've ever played so far.

Sevir045562d ago

Resistance 2, Killzone 2, FFXIII, Bioshock, and LBP. Socom is still up in the air for me. by the way Did you guys know that Warhawk is getting it's patch for Trophies this week, once 2.4 comes back on. I simply cant wait. and once uncharted gets it it's time for me just replay everything. and i'll do it on hard and then on crushing. i simply cant wait. i haven't even gotten my 2.4 yet because Son took it down so soon.

juuken5562d ago

...God of War III and FFXIII please, if you will.