Ultra Street Fighter 4 On Playstation Now, With 100 More Titles

If you don’t already have a PS4, you will want one now. Sony’s new Playstation Now service offers PS4 owners in North America to gain access to an entire library of over 100 PS3 games, including fighting games such as Ultra Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue and Dead or Alive 5.

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JoeIsMad1476d ago

Man, I can't wait to punch somebody in the face on SFIV. Hopefully the streaming of thee games doesn't add lag to my fights, though.

Abash1475d ago

Im waiting on the PS4 version of USFIV

JoeIsMad1475d ago

I think you may be better suited to wait for Street Fighter 5.

Akuma2K1475d ago


SF5 won't be here until sometime next year, why wait that long knowing USF4 will provide that fighting game fix for fighting fans until then.

AutoCad1475d ago

oh there will be lag..Its a streaming service,no way around latency issues even if your connection is top notch..

SoapShoes1475d ago

True but if your connection is good it should hardly be noticable. I just rented Twisted Metal and Sonic Generations and they are just fine!

ps4fanboy1475d ago

Pretty awesome , make it cheap and cheerful I'll invest.

gangsta_red1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Had to change my comment because it didn't make sense.

Does this come with all the added DLC, because that would be cool.

Akuma2K1475d ago

Yes the DLC is already included, I've been playing USF4 on playstation now for the last couple months off and on with the controller but now since I have my TE2 fightstick I can really practice and get back into it like I want after a year of non gameplay until the disc version of USF4 comes out on PS4.

DougLord1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

That's pretty cool. How much do the games cost? What I don't understand is when the PS4 has such an awesome feature like this, why are Sony fans so adamant that Azure is worthless or get really mad when you say the next generation of consoles might involve a $50 streaming box with all of the real hardware in the cloud.

Krakin11475d ago

When did Sony ever say Azure was worthless? You fanboys are something else.

Akuma2K1475d ago

You don't pay for the games you just pay the subscription fee, $20 for one month or $45 for 3 months...starting jan 13th.

rajman1475d ago

I can only imagine the online play being bad, I mean you have to stream the game and then play online too

Eonjay1475d ago

Actually you would be suprised. The PS3 you log into is directly connected to PSN and probably has a lower latency than any real retail unit, but the issue comes down to your latency to the service.

Fortunately, you can test it during the free play when it starts Tuesday. So far, the latency has been almost undetectable but I have a feeling that fighting games will be the most sensitive of all titles. If it can nail this, it's golden.

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