MGS4 helps PS3 catch up with Wii in Japan - Xbox 360 still dead

Japan is a very important territory for the video games industry. Although it is smaller than either the USA or Europe, what happens in Asia can affect the rest of the world's markets substantially. Which is why the fact that the Playstation 3 has caught up substantially with the Wii during June is big news. The Xbox 360 of course is still trailing far behind, and the life support machine should probably just be turned off now.

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chaosatom5630d ago (Edited 5630d ago )

The margin fell from 6:1 to 1.7:1.

Impressive indeed.

fenderputty5629d ago

it was a spike from MGS4. 80k one week. Then 20k the next. Then 18k after that. Its nice the PS3 sold well due to MGS4, but even with that game, all it could do is cut the amount of consoles the Wii is gaining on the PS3.

I hate the Wii and its a freaking monster. If FFXIII comes out after another price drop and Japan still doesn't start buying the PS3 more consistently, I think its safe to say the Wii will kill everything in Japan.

mikeslemonade5629d ago

The Wii sales in Japan realistically aren't as high as they are in the U.S. The Wii has 12.54 million in America compared to 6.36 mil. Japan. The Wii is hard to find in the U.S. and in Japan you can find Wiis easier than you can find them here in the U.S.

As for PS3 we just have to wait and see what happens when the MGS4 bundle gets resupplied again. It's start of things to come but it's still a long shot before the PS3 can take a bigger chunk out of the Japanese market.

nintendostar5630d ago

too bad the 6:1 ratio returned after only two weeks....can't wait for ff13

jwatt5630d ago

Yea all sony needs is FF or some kind of rpg and they would go crazy.

When Tails of versperia and Infinite undiscovery was available for pre-ord for the 360 in Japan they shot up to the top on Amazon even the hardware.

That was a couple of week ago but the 360 is still high on the charts

FF and White Night will give the ps3 a real big boost in Japan.

DavidMacDougall5630d ago

Yeah Final will rock , cant wait to get back to the classic way of playin it

Cusco5630d ago

Of course 360 is dead in Japan. It's not because 360 games suck, it's because of Japanese - US history.

venum5630d ago

Ipod is doing very well in Japan, it's leading the market and it's an american product.

Bnet3435629d ago

No, it's Microsoft's fault. Their marketing is phucking terrible in Japan, you don't even know how bad it is. Also, if that was the case, Windows wouldn't be alive over there.

JokesOnYou5629d ago (Edited 5629d ago )

so....Japan aren't culturely sensitive to the music industry, in fact American/western music has been very popular in Japan for a long time, if you visit Japan you will hear American music,and see American music videos being played everywhere, in many of the nightclubs the only reason you don't forget you're in Japan is because there are so many gorgeous Japanese women to remind you.

As for the videogame industry they are well aware of their place in history as pioneers of gaming, they have alot of pride in their status when it comes to the videogame industry, which is why they heavily support homegrown videogame products. End history lesson.


tweaker5629d ago (Edited 5629d ago )

I don't know about you but I see Xbox ads every time I visit my family in Japan.

karlostomy5629d ago (Edited 5629d ago )

Social Memes rule the roost.

Japan is a very homogeneous and conforming society, in general.
Sure, there are exceptions, but as a whole that's the case.

What this means is that the current reigning videogaming memes are the Nintendo and Sony. Japanese people see this as the cultural 'norm' and part of their national pride. For them, this is just the way 'Things are supposed to be'

For an outsider like MS to try to gain marketshare in the Japanese videogaming industry is essentially trying to change the World-view and self identity of the Japanese videogamer. To further illustrate this metaphor, it is like a Japanese man trying to teach Australians to eat raw meat (an accepted practice in Japan). Most average Australians feel revulsion at the prospect of eating raw meat, but admit to eating their own national symbol - the kangarooh, which in turn many foreigners to Australia can't understand.

What does all this mean?

It is all to do with the inbuilt programming that people have regarding what they themselves regard as being 'normal'. The ipod, for example, has been accepted by the Japanese cultural 'norm'. The 360 has not. The 360, in Japan, is also regarded as an outside threat to the collective, homogeneous videogaming pride of Japan.

In Japan this peculiar crowd mentality-behaviour is merely conditioned 'en masse' by social conformity and nationalism. To make headway in Japan, MS needs to change the way it is perceived by the average Japanese-Joe. In other words, changing the way Japanese people think.
This is VERY difficult and undermined by the fact that Nintendo and Playstation have been exceptionally good at what they do... in the past.

Until MS can do this, the Japanese cultural conformity will work against the 360.

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Cupid_Viper_35630d ago

its a mistake to compare the ps3 with the Wii. Instead looking at it as the PS3 has a long way to go to catch up to the Wii, people should look at it as that, the Wii, has a long way to go to catch up to the PS2.

It seems like everyone's forgotten that SONY is currently supporting 2 consoles, and the psp. And if one was to compare consoles based on performance and capabilities, then the Wii, IMO, falls short of both the PS3 and the 360, therefore, leaving it in direct competion with the PS2. So to me, the ranks in Japan should read as follow: NEXT GEN: PS3 1st, Xbox360 2nd. PREV GEN: Wii 1st, PS2 2nd.

And also, concerning another point, the MGS4 point. A lot of people think that SONY dropped the ball for not Advertising MGS4 on a HALO3 blitz level. Well I, on the other hand, think that is probably SONY's best move so far, why? well here's my logic. AFter MS release Halo3, there was a crazy number of people buying the game, it was so popular, it was even on Jay Leno. But what all the publicity behind Halo3 also did, was that it cemented the xbox 360 as a hardcore console with hardcore games, and in return, turned off the CASUAL MARKET, which, is crucial to a console's success.

And this is what i think was SONY's reasoning for not going all out with MGS4's Marketing. Because we can be certain it wasn't lack of money, or they simply didn't know how to do it. And that also explains why, the MOVIE like ad for MGS4, was for the most part, an online thing, which is where you'll find most of the hardcores. No CASUAL GAMER, is going to go online to specifically look for a game ad. And also why, MGS4 never appeared by itself on TV ads in North America.

So i think that what SONY is doing right now is called, PATIENTLY WAITING. Waiting for a substantial drop in PS2 Sales, waiting for further cuts on production cost of the PS3, waiting for More adoption of HDTVs, and Blu Ray, and then, you're going to start seing some magic. with, every firmware update, Sony tweaks something in the ps3 and dont even tell us about some of them. and when HOME hits, its going to bring about a change in the gaming industry unlike anything we've ever seen before. and i think that's when the ps3 is goin to do what the ps2 did last gen, and the ps1 did the gen before it. it's called ANTICIPATION of the future market trends.

ladiddahhh, i have just found the internet.

chaosatom5629d ago

It cleared up somethings for me.

Cupid_Viper_35629d ago

and thanks for the bubbles guys.