Xbox Exclusive ScreamRide Gets Dangerous and Colorful 1080p Screenshots

Back at Gamescom Microsoft announced ScreamRide, that will be released next spring for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Today Xbox Japan released a batch of new 1080p (presumably from the Xbox One version), to give a further glimpse on on the mischievous rollercoaster simulator by Frontier Developments.

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Barnaby-Jones2948d ago

Looks really cool; Interested in hearing more about it.

DragonbornZ2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Neat. Really wanting to see construction and the destruction . By last trailer it looks to have some crazy physics.

crazychris41242948d ago

Game looks fun but still not sure if its worth it at full price. Hopefully they release a demo before launch.

hkgamer2948d ago

do we still get demos this gen? last time i checked ps4 only had 1

MeliMel2948d ago

Yes Xbox One still has demos. PS4 had a few when I last had it. Last demo I downloaded was P.T., which was awesome!

Kingdomcome2472948d ago

There's actually a dedicated app for demos with a lot them, called Demo Central on the Xbox One.

urwifeminder2948d ago

My next game for sure love the look of it share build destroy.

Stiffler2948d ago

This could actually be quite interesting. Looking forward to a fun year in gaming this year :)

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