Microsoft: We're Still on for 10M

Speaking at a Credit Suisse conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, chief financial officer Chris Liddell said, "We're very happy going into the holiday season. We still feel very good about the 10 million target." Microsoft believes it can sell a further five million units by the middle of 2007. No targets have been set for the end of next year.

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PS360WII4394d ago

What are they at 7.5 mil? 2.5 million in all the teritories doesn't sound impossible really and yes they do have a rather large library of alright games plus a couple of killer ones.

MicroGamer4394d ago

Sony missing out on Christmas in Europe will pull MS up to 10 million easily.

shikwan4394d ago

What game devs will have to do to convince themselves to dev ONLY for Sony a 300-400,000 fan base as opposed to MS's almost 10 million??

THWIP4394d ago

...but what SONY will have to do.

hint: It involves $$, which is something Sony no longer has to throw around for exclusivity. ;)

BIadestarX4394d ago

2 titles are holding Sony; Metal Gear and Final Fantasy. If any or both become multi-platform, Sony is dead; no matter how you put it. The mainstream people only care about those 2 apps.

bambam19014393d ago

Please tell me where I can pick up one of those crystal balls you're using to predict the future.

Dusk4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

I think they can sell 2 million by Jan 1st, which will leave MS very close to their goal. Additionally, if they roll out games like Lost Planet, Forza 2, Bioshock, and of course, the monster, Halo 3, MS will continue strong sales well into 2007.

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The story is too old to be commented.