6 Indie Games From 2014 You Shouldn’t Miss

Garrett from The Koalition writes:

The beauty of indie games is that you’ll never have to wait too long before you find something interesting to play, because developers from all over churn out titles from the secrecy of their computers. However, due to the influx of indie games, it’s difficult to keep up with all of them. Even if you have heard of these indie titles, others may have missed them, so I’m here today to give you some of my suggestions.

You can expect some familiar entries if you’ve kept up with our reviews, but you’ll also find some indie games that we haven’t covered. Keep in mind that we’ve totally missed plenty of games from 2014, so feel free to leave us your suggestions as well. Think of it as a trade: my suggestions for yours. That way, we all have some new and interesting indie games to play.

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Romudeth1474d ago

I definitely need to check these out. A lot of cool games were passed over in 2014.

Profexxion1474d ago

This War of Mine and Lisa are definitely on my list. Can't wait to finally check them out.

Jackhass1474d ago

A good, slightly different than most list!

garrettglass1474d ago

Well, I'm glad you think that's a good thing!

rbailey1473d ago

If Lisa doesn't come to the PS4, then I probably won't play it. Def don't see a gaming PC purchase in my immediate future lol

garrettglass1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Well, it was made with RPG Maker,'s very unlikely. My suggestion to Austin, should he ever come across this article, is to get in contact with either Devolver Digital or Curve Studios. Either one of them would have the chops to recode it.