Sling TV to Launch Live, Over-the-Top Service for $20 Per Month

• Sling TV to deliver the best of live TV including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel
• Service to feature Video-On-Demand programming and the best of online video with long- and short-form content from Maker Studios
• Core package priced at $20 per month; no commitment, contract, credit check or hardware installation required
• Supported devices expected to include Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google’s Nexus Player, select LG Smart TVs, Roku players, Roku TV models, select Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One from Microsoft, iOS, Android, Mac, PC

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Gh05t3252d ago

If only they added the major networks like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC... I might be persuaded to jump all over this.

lifeordeath6173252d ago

i was going to mention Digital Antenna but for the convenience. I definitely agree!

Retroman3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

20.00-a-month-not-a-bad-ideal- if-it'll-help-get-rid-of-- Comcrapycast.

Sayburr3252d ago (Edited 3252d ago )

Major Networks can be received, in most places, over the air for free...

But, I was mainly posting to add additional info: Users can tack on additional "packs" of channels for $5 each:

“Kids Extra” add-on with Disney Junior, Disney XD, Boomerang, Baby TV and Duck TV

“News & Info Extra" pack with HLN, Cooking Channel, DIY and Bloomberg TV.

The company says they're also working on a "Sports Extra" package, that will be available "soon."


AND, XboxWire says, "we’re excited to announce that all Xbox Live members will get an exclusive extended free trial for one month at launch"

ScorpiusX3252d ago

Sweet bring it on, more options.

Julion07153252d ago

I think this will be great now ppl can pay for what they wanna watch instead of paying cable companies a bunch of money for crap channels when we only get cable for a couple of channels

MeliMel3252d ago

Man HBO needs to go the same route. Stand alone no cable company middle man. And watch HBO stock go thru the roof! I would pay $20 month for HBO..Awesome movies, tv shows and best boxing!

Julion07153252d ago

Yea man I agree. But I dnt think cable tv is dead one of the top cable providers should come up with something called u pick where u can basically pick the channels u want in ur package that would be awesome.

Sayburr3252d ago

They have already announced that HBO will have an Over-the-top option coming out in 2015.

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