Hirai at Helm in Major Sony Reshuffle

Kaz Hirai (pictured) has been promoted from his position as boss of PlayStation's US efforts to the position of president and group COO of SCEI, heading up PlayStation's worldwide efforts. Current president Ken Kutaragi has taken the new position of chairman.

Jack Tretton has been named president and chief executive officer for SCEA replacing Hirai who will be moving to Tokyo, interviewed by Next-Gen a few weeks ago, was formerly SCEA executive vice president and co-chief operating officer.

David Reeves, , president and CEO and Co-COO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), has been named as deputy president of SCEI in addition to his current responsibility at SCEE. Masaru Kato will remain in his current position as Deputy President and Group CFO.

Sony says Ken Kutaragi will "continue to oversee the entire SCE Group as chief executive officer, and will fully exercise his power". Clearly, the shuffle hs handed more power to Sony's global efforts into the hands of Hirai and Reeves, who have steered the company's efforts in Europe and North America. Kutaragi - known as the 'father of PlayStation' - has come under fire in recent weeks due to a series of problems with the launch of PS3, including delays and an inability to secure sufficient third party exclusives.

However, Kutaragi will continue to head the board of PlayStation's efforts. The reshuffle, according to Sony insiders speaking to Next-Gen, also replaces executives who have retired in recent years. In his new capacity Hirai will "bring his strong leadership skills and experience to fulfill his responsibilities as head of operations worldwide", according to Sony.

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calderra4393d ago

Anyone remember J. Allard's infamous quotes about knowing 360 had won when he had a framed copy of Kutaragi's resignation letter?

I wonder if he'd accept his "promotion" letter instead?

MicroGamer4393d ago

Where else can you screw up a launch so bad and get promoted for it??

calderra4393d ago

"In business, workers generally fail up to their level of incompetence."

...look it up. It's actually solid business theory. If you're too good at your job, you'll never be promoted, because you're too valuable where you are.

If you're not terribly valuable where you are, yet you can't be fired, you could be moved into a "superior" position that actually gets you away from whatever you're screwing up and into a boardroom / corporate office / etc.

andy capps4393d ago

Actually, this is probably a good move. The rumor is that Kutaragi was not responsive to third parties when they came to him about making certain games exclusive. Kaz Hirai and SCEA was known more for caring about online play, so hopefully he'll be able to unify SCEA, SCEE, and SCEJ and work on securing exclusives.

ironwolf4393d ago

the "Peter Principle". It's been around for about 50 years.

THWIP4393d ago

...but I'm from the U.S., and we have George Bush. :(

THAMMER14393d ago

And he(George B.) is there because most people here are not smart enough to look at facts. And group think and blind loyalty drove us down.

Mr Murda4392d ago

...cause I'll pwn you all day long. Don't get me started about making political decisions based on what movie stars tell you.

andy capps4392d ago

I was hoping more and thinking that the successor to Kutaragi would be Phil Harrison, but Hirai is a good fit as well for the position.

That crab joke is so old, and just not funny anymore... :)

InMyOpinion4393d ago


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