SOURCE: Halo 4 announcement coming at E3

Updating a previous story on rumored "Halo 4" development, Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"Now we're told that this will be announced officially at E3."

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-Maverick-3947d ago

LOL I'll get it. I just want it to be better than 3.

poos33947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

halo 3 gameplay with gears of war 2 type graphics and ehnaced physics 9 best on console atm) will be a beast no game will come close

lets not forgot krapjimma says every year tis the last mgs and yet he makes 1 ever time ,halo 3 sold 10 million copys haha only a foolish bungie wont make another halo the game is the best selling game ever created and the most next gen online game being played

Xwow20083947d ago

in this e3 it will be

(HALO 4:the last hope)it will mean the last hope for MS
or (HALO4:save the box)

Kleptic3946d ago

starting to sound like 'halo of duty'...

AngryTypingGuy3946d ago

Xwow2008, actually I have it on good word that it's called "Halo 4: Gonna Sell More Than Every PS3 Exclusive...Again". You heard it here first.

NO_PUDding3946d ago

To milk or not to milk, that is the question.

How cliched, but suited since Halo 3 was generic in the first place.

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ape0073947d ago

fantastic news if true

bunje plese,work on a new engine just like cod4

and give time,don't rush it quickly

LaChance3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

looks like MSFT are going to murder the show.

Can anybody bring up a game that can stand up to Halo ?

And dont forget were in the West not in Japan.

My wishlist :

Halo 4 (hope they do some major work on the graphics)
Alan Wake
Mass effect 2
Star Ocean 4
Forza 3
Lost Odyssey 2

and why not Dead rising and Lost Planet ?

A storm is coming up , Halo 4 is going to be like a hurricane.

I challenge anybody 360 gamer or PS3 gamer to try to find a bigger announcement than Halo 4, I personnaly dont see anything bigger than that for this E3.

I bet were all in for huge surprises , no matter which console you own (well ,if you own a Wii...)

@cahaosstorm : sorry man , not downplaying FF13 and GOW3 BUT IF hALO 4 is anything like Halo 3 in hype , sales etc those games arnt standing up to Halo 4.Just facts.

chaosatom3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

You mentioned 1 new IP. Good job.

Look I don't want to argue with you, but it's pretty obvious sony will take the crown at E3.

Honestly, Microsoft had a better line up last year. Now it's Sony's turn.

You said HALO 4 will be huge? Just like Microsoft said Halo 3 will be end to all gaming?

You're still hugely blinded by Microsoft. The game will sell, but it would be because of the name, not because of the quality of the title. compared to other games that will come out on 2010.

Quality titles are coming to the ps3 and they keep increasing with each year. By 2010, halo4 would have no chance of topping ps3 games.

And Microsoft is announcing Halo 4, not because they want to make the BEST game ever, but because they want to make loads of cash.

cLiCK_sLiCK93947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Sarcastic Gamer isn't anything official..
But i think it is coming in e3. if it does not.. then till the next game expo.
But its coming.
Microsoft and bungie aren't stupid to drop a franchise, knowing it sells at least 5 millon copies.

Idk about the story..prequel or maybe some new guy istead of Mastercheif? Either way im not buying because i dont have a 360.
Im more of a Sony guy...not a FANBOi!!

Edit: @ lachance
You Think HAlO 4 is e3 biggest anouncement?? HAHAH! *falls on the floor laughing!
LOL...Halo4 Doesnt got shyt on Gears 2, let Alone FinalFantasy 13 And God of war 3.
Twisted Metal For the Ps3?? Anyone?

gaffyh3947d ago

God of War is a better game than Halo (no doubt about that), but a Halo announcement at E3 (which is likely) will make the fans happy. Personally I don't see what is soo great about Halo, I've played every single one and completed Halo 3 (which IMO is an average game).

Bioshock is the best game I've played on my 360 so far, and Lost Odyssey, and Gears of War (although the story in this was crap).

The game I am most looking forward to seeing (which would be the BIGGEST announcement ever) is the new Team ICO game, we don't even know what it is, but their previous two games were soo awesome that the next one already has a huge hype.

Bnet3433947d ago

I am speechless, if this gets announced, it's going to be huge, I agree with ape007, they should do a completely new engine.

power of Green 3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Seems like you are worried based on that post.

You guys always say PS3 games are going to do this and will do that! take it to the other zone.

I can't wait to see if they overhaul Halo 4.

If true will it really be Halo 4 or some other project in the universe we know nothing about or is actually P.J's project that may have changed as a product.

I agree with Ape

Lifendz3947d ago

and good stuff for 360 owners. Steal the show from Sony? Not automatically. But again, good stuff for 360 people.

Linzoid3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

"looks like MSFT are going to murder the show." I don't think they will.

Microsof need to come up with some new IPs, something innovative!

Look at all of those sequels you have listed, it's just more of the same in the Microsoft camp.

In respose to "I challenge anybody 360 gamer or PS3 gamer to try to find a bigger announcement than Halo 4"

Halo 4 PS3 exclusive.... LOL like that will ever happen!

JokesOnYou3947d ago

I'll take this *rumor wit a grain of salt....either way I agree with LaChance I don't think any 1 game announcement would be bigger than a Halo4 announcement, but again seriously I don't think it will be announced so soon, even though I believe Bungie is definitely working on it.


power of Green 3947d ago

The problem is the media calls any new standard Halo game *Halo 4* when in fact one of the new halo games(non RTS) could be in third person hundreds of years after Master Chief lived and still be called *Halo 4* by the media.

jwatt3947d ago

I don't think Halo 4 will be announce at E3 but I do think this E3 can go either way it all depends on who has the most surprises.

ape0073947d ago

I have all 3 systems and I just want to play more and more games

seriously can't wait.

wallace10003947d ago

I know that lots of people were disappointed with Halo 3 but i really enjoyed the game all round so a Halo 4 would make me happy. Keep them coming Microsoft.

Willio3947d ago


God of War/FF13 and Halo are uncomparable because they are in different genres.

MS will hype this game but after 2 sequels, i believe fans are getting tired with the game itself for repeating the same gameplay and upsetting endings unless something innovative was introduced into the 4th iteration.

@ Lachance
Dead Rising 2 is impossible because of infringment lawsuits for capcom.

vic_doom3947d ago

i think a multiplatform ffvii remake would steal the show. just my opinion though

marionz3947d ago

a halo 4 announcment would be huge, i dont know why so many people complain about halo 3, the graphics were great even if they didnt match what people were expecting, and the game was smooth and fun.

my e3 wishlist.

halo wars
halo 4
blue dragon 2
more gow3
more viva pinata2
more banjo

and hopefully some big exclusives that are yet to be revealed

rexor07173947d ago

Like I care. I hope they actually revolutionize like they did with the first because the third was lacking. It had nice features, but only "features" or gimmicks. Substance this time.
BTW, Resistance 2 is all I need, Xbox can keep Halo.

deepio3946d ago

If you don't care then why bother posting??

littletad3946d ago

It won't "kill" Sony or Nintendo at E3 but it certainly would be a great announcement nonetheless.

mistertwoturbo3946d ago

Halo 4 can be the true savior of the Halo series IMO. No more restrictions from Microsoft, so Bungie can develope with their own free will.

NO_PUDding3946d ago

Possible annoucnements, which woudl you prefer:

Halo 4 (the creative udders of which are now red raw)

I go for ICO3, and I think lots of the media will be VERY excited about that, especially with everyone's view on how basic Halo 3 was. This is just low down dirty milking from First Party IP's.

Organic_Chemistry3946d ago

Why are they even wasting their time? I played every halo and it is the equivelant to Haze for ps3; garbage. If you want an actual FPS play duke nuken or go give land of the dead a shot for the original xbox. But pahhhh--lease give gaylo a rest, it sucks take a hint

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trancefreak3947d ago

e3 should be interesting cant wait to see the big titles.

ape0073947d ago

too many kickass games

Nevers3947d ago

... I really DONT have the time to play everything I wanna anymore... that's a good thing but it's such TORTURE 8[

toughNAME3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

The Next Generation of gaming with be announced at 10:30 am, July 14th.

DiabloRising3947d ago

Next generation? I'm sorry but I'll heavily disagree. Halo is more "me to" FPSing with solid online and a few great ideas like video recording, which SHOULD be included in all games I'll admit.

But if the "next generation" is the same as Halo 3, IE more of the same... no thanks. Been there, done that.

chaosatom3947d ago

Look at Gears, COD4, and MGS4. Halo doesn't match any of them graphically.

What are they going to say this time?
"Finish the Fight.............again"

Just start a new IP, instead of milking Halo of everything that it has.

SickNick853947d ago

i generation because it come in 2011 with the X720....

tordavis3947d ago

Can you say FINAL Fantasy?

Yeah thought so.

CaptainHowdy3947d ago

the difference is that FF hasn't had many TRUE sequels. Each iteration usually has new characters and story...just the FF name attached

rexor07173947d ago

I am not at all a Xbox fanboy, I dont even own one, but would you be ok with seeing an MGS5? MGS4 finished the fight. I just want to know, not accusing you of anything.

mistertwoturbo3946d ago

Tordavis, we know you're tired of the whole Final Fantasy thing.

It's milked and milked and milked. Be that as it may, it's still going to sell millions anyway lol

NO_PUDding3946d ago

I would, becuase they have finished Solid Snake off. And Kojima never said the universe or franchise was over. He said he wouldn't do another, and that it's Snakes final journey.

And rememeber that Metal gear Solid is hardly comparable to Halo, since some depth is in Metal Gear, and hasn't been shoved out of the development bay every year. It's got heritage.

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