Meet the OBox

Chris Plante of the Verge writes, Snail Games wants to bring its tremendous success in China to the United States with a home console and a portable gaming system.

The popular Chinese company is planning on launching 2 hardware units, a Android based home console, but more importantly an Android gaming phone with dedicated controls.

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ABizzel13195d ago

When I first saw this I thought just what we need another failed Android device.

Then I saw the specs., and honestly it's not bad at all 8-core mobile CPU + Tegak K1 and likely 2GB RAM. Pretty much a PS360+ and just below Wii U.

Then I saw the price $99 - $499, if they can get a $99 model out (this is China) then this just might be worth it. A $99 PS360+ isn't a bad gift for a casual gamer. Plus with devs. like EA and 2K taking mobile serious it can be the perfect mini console for kids, or one you take with you on vacations without fear of something happening to your $500+ real console investment.

Then I saw the phone, and thought Sony needs to go ahead and make a line of PlayStation Phones. Mobile devices are evolving too fast so handhelds are becoming obsolete unless they are designed as Cellphones / Tablets. This phone is everything I wanted in the Vita "4 shoulder buttons", and now the power of a PS3 truly in your hands.

The only thing missing is a household name brand to sell these devices, otherwise these little android devices could be a solid niche product, if the builds are quality.

eyeDEVOUR3195d ago

Sony has been doing gaming phones for years, unfortunately they've always flopped.

ABizzel13195d ago

The only one I remember is the PS Phone, which was kind of like the PSPGo. Technology wasn't ready back then, but now it's more than ready, and this device has all it needs.

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SteamPowered3194d ago

They can make the most powerful android console in the world, but there still arent any games that come close to utilizing that power. Half Life, GTA:SA, Oddworld, and SW:KOTOR are the most taxing mobile games on googleplay and they are PS1-2 era games. Unless a company plans on releasing AAA android games, they will be left behind simply by the low quality of current apps.

ifrit_caress3194d ago

A definite one up on Ouya... does anyone even remember that console?

TbagginEagle3194d ago

Yup. I have one and I watch everything that everyone else pays several hundred dollars a month for,for free. Its awesome, another way to give the cable companies the middle finger. Just watched The Interview for free about to go watch Fury might play some Metro Last Light later.

ifrit_caress3190d ago

Any console that helps you stick it to the cable company is good enough for me.


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