Bloodbath Kavkaz, Hotline Miami Clone Lands On Steam Greenlight

One Angry Gamer "If you can’t get enough of Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami you’re going to really like Dagestan Technology’s Bloodbath Kavkaz. The overhead shooter is set within the criminal underworld of the urban Russian society. Players will engage in no-holds-barred shooting antics, as well as get in some skill-based kills (or get killed) with the multiplayer and free-roam modes."

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Delsin_Rowe1539d ago

it look exactly the same, well i guess he just copy paste Hotline Miami and change something around, then change the name and as you can see is a new game.

SaveFerris1538d ago

Can they be sued for copying Hotline Miami?

WilliamUsher1538d ago

I doubt they can be sued unless it's literally copying the code of Hotline Miami. It is pushing that copyright infringement barrier to its limits, though.