Patch fixes small Xbox 360 dashboard issues

Major Nelson announced that today a new fix has been released for the Xbox 360 dashboard. This fix should solve issues with 1080p resolution support and some plug & play issues some people had.

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Antan4433d ago

LOL, just beat me to it Dew!! great stuff MS, always quick to fix things.

devv054432d ago

hehe ;)

but yeah, nice to see MS actually cares.

MicroGamer4432d ago

* Improved support for HD video output over VGA, including 1080p resolution
* Improved plug and play performance for wired headsets when being used with wireless controllers
* Changes made to recently played games list to improve accuracy

And I just went and got the VGA cable for mine. Now all I need is a monitor that can display a 1080p signal instead of just 720p. ;-)


fix the wireless headset disconnect issues please