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DriveClub is an interesting one given the widely reported and lambasted problems. It took until the initial launch server bugs were fixed and the weather patch had been released before realisation set in that Evolution Studios work on a new generation driving game should have been a safe bet. Believe it or not, DriveClub is probably the best racing game of the last year, but with not much competition is that really saying anything?

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nix2085d ago


i recently picked up Driveclub and i must say i was quite impressed.. until i went and picked up official driving steering wheel - Thrustmaster T80.

and wow.. what a shitty wheel it is compared to Logitech GT for GT5. i can't believe sony let Thrustmaster give us the rubbery wheel with not feedback, motor, nothing.. nada.

i have never been so pissed off with Sony for shafting us. like really.


and for the admin: why does my macbook slow down every time i visit this site?

jc122085d ago

Yeah, this review is pretty spot on. The game is not ground breaking like some have said, but it pretty damn good.

hardcorehippiez2085d ago

you can get some really incredible looking pictures from this game . easily the best looking current gen game so far.

StormLegend2085d ago

I might go ahead and buy this game... everything seeems to be fixed.

ChronoJoe2085d ago

Disconnected 4 times from multiplayer lobbies today (within a 30minute period). The game is vaguely functional, but 'everything seems to be fixed' is a bit generous.

Also, technical difficulties aside its held back by some pretty problematic design choices. For instance there's very little penalty for crashing online (even if you get a corner penalty, it barely matters because the speed reduction is brief, and gone by the time you want to switch to third gear).

That said, still a decent overall racing game.

GameDev12085d ago

A lot more people are getting online frequently and the online modes seem to be working compared to launch period, think that is what he meant

Anyway, weather update sealed it for me

amiga-man2085d ago

I love how you get disagrees for stating a fact, Driveclub is all grown up after a shaky start, there are still things they are going to add but as a game it as satisfying to play as it is to look at.

The first true next gen game out there.

UKmilitia2085d ago

i poicked it up last week and i havent had any issues ,im based in UK if it makes a difference but the game is awesome.
Never seen anything look so good,the lighting is best i ever seen and weather effects look so muvch better than nay video have shown.
only thing i think sucks is not being able to select colours for cars,just a choiceof 4 liveries.

Volkama2085d ago (Edited 2085d ago )

Dig through the menus a bit more mate. There are loads of liveries, and you can choose the colours.

No freeform design, but you can select any of the liveries you have unlocked and change the primary/secondary/tertiary colours, as well as a number, achievement badges, and club badge

amiga-man2085d ago

you can choose colours,

UKmilitia2085d ago

@volk i have a better look,all i could find was when select car i have default colour and 4 liverys.

@amiga-man i have another look but it must he hidden away.

I was just wanting to change like the base color from grey on the mini to say green or red but i could only see the default colour and 4 designs but was grey,white,red patterns

CorndogBurglar2085d ago

I got 2 days ago and havent had any issues. I like it quite a lot.

UKmilitia2085d ago

if im being picky the only floor i seen in the game is the points system.
if AI hits me i lose points and i think its wrong.

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spence524902085d ago

Still praying for non contact online races.

ChronoJoe2085d ago

Non-contact or non-high speed contact would be great. I like how GT5 makes them transparant if they're going to crash at high speed, but keeps the bumps and scuffles in there to make things interesting.

Father__Merrin2085d ago

it's fixed but the rubber band Ai needs tweaking, it's too hard tbh. a game should be fir everyone challenge like that should be optional

GameDev12085d ago

No rubberbanding in Driveclub, the game director confirmed this, people seem to be confusing rubberbanding with something else

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