Wii U basic console + Super Smash Bros and New Super Mario U for £179.86

Dealspwn writes: Act fast and you can order a basic Wii U console (the white 8GB one), plus Super Smash Bros and New Super Mario U for an enticing sum of £179.86.

This is a great option for casual gamers or families looking to pick up the console for the cheapest option possible. While the more serious gamer will prefer the 32GB model, this is fine of you're not planning on filling it up with new games on a regular basis. PS4/XO owners tempted by the Wii U's exclusives could do far worse too and with a bit of memory management (or use of an external hard-drive), you could balance the likes of Mario Kart 8 and Zelda Wind Waker HD with ease.

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N4g_null1383d ago

Hey lookey here! A sub 200 wiiu all the haters have been looking for.

marloc_x1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Agreed, I hope they all get to enjoy a Wii U soon :)

Imagine, all those on the fence will buy a LOT of these consoles through the latter half of this generation..

N4g_null1383d ago

I'm pretty sure they will. The list is growing.
Star fox
Fire emblem
devils third.
All are coming.
monster hunter
Ninja gaiden fixed lol
3 super mario game 2d and 3d.
Mario kart 8
nintendo land
online wii fit and 2 in sports lol.
oh and try bops2 and cod ghost with the ir aiming... it's conduit on steroids. If advanced wars ever comes out I'll get that too. The online support two players with their own screens one on the tv and one on the gamepad. Two wiius is 4 player fps with 4 screens!

Great possible games coming?
f zero
Crunchy roll

vc has contra 3, zelda, mega man all x and x2, mystical ninja, super ghouls and ghost, super metroid, advance wars, punch out, sf2 tubro, championship, and alpha 2, double dragon 2, out of this world just to name a few. Nanos assault is a must also two player co op each with their own screen.

Good luck! There is also a great drawing app that fans are getting mad props off of.

also if you can find all 50 wii gems they work on this box also. Nmh to the capcom crossover fighter to samurai showdown collection.