GamesRadar: Mega Man 9 Exclusive Interview

Two massively important reveals happened this past weekend. One, Blizzard announced Diablo III, one of the most obvious and expected sequels of all time. The other was a bit more surprising, but still known due to weeks of random information leaks. That would be Mega Man 9, finally confirmed via scans from Nintendo Power and now today, re-confirmed by GamesRadar's exclusive hands-on and interview with Mega Man's biggest contributor, Keiji Inafune.

Inafune-san took a few moments away from creating future cherished memories to answer their questions about Mega Man 9, the state of the series and where it's going to go from here.

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DarkSniper4493d ago

Mega Man 9 will definately rekindle some of the great NES glory back in the 80's. Hopefully Capcom will realize their profits lie in the PlayStation division and produce Megaman X9 as a PLAYSTATION®3 exclusive like some of the previous iterations of the series.


PS360WII4493d ago

"XBLA and PSN enable HD output, but that alone does not make all the HD games interesting. HD technology does not make a game interesting. The quality of gameplay makes games interesting"

couldn't agree more

ChickeyCantor4493d ago

"Honestly, there are some designs that make me scream, “What the hell is that?”"