PS4 & Xbox One: 5 Worst Games For Each, After The Launch Till 2014

More than a year passed since PS4 and Xbox One launched and lots of games have been released on it. There are fantastic games available for each system along with terrible games. These games are some of the worst of the worst you’ll find on the Xbox One.

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faisalsheikh141472d ago

titanfall and killzone should not be in the list and the other games are the worstest

gamehunter1472d ago

agrred with you @ Titanfall and Killzone: Shadow fall, both of them are cool and amazing.

bjmartynhak1472d ago


I have 400+ hours on Killzone MP. It really cant't be the wors of the wort. Not at all.

Not to speak that the Owl added considerably to the SP gameplay. It was really fun to use.

bjmartynhak1472d ago

damn, we are having trouble typing w-o-r-s-t here. lol

medman1472d ago

The nominate the author for the worst of the worst gaming "journalists".

gamer78041472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

i think kz shadowfall is a love or hate kinda game. My friend loves it, but i couldn't stand it. I liked titanfall's gameplay much better, but it had no single player story like killzone.

Jaqen_Hghar1472d ago

or Driveclub. It plays great and the weather is of course mindblowing. With gameplay now fixed it's a nice little racer by all racing fans' accounts. No business on this list.

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snookiegamer1472d ago

The list is just the authors view ....any game can be listed by the individual, whether we as gamers agree is another matter.

#subjection ;/

starrman19851472d ago

If he pegs Titanfall and Killzone as two of the worst games of 2014 then he is a moron and I don't trust his view!

Bytor1472d ago

Yea but he lied about Drive Club saying it was released horrible and broken and nothing good about has been said sense. There are plenty of good things said about it now some reviewers are even upping the scores and starrman is right he is a moron.

DigitalRaptor1472d ago

Terrible is what I would use to describe this article.

DriveClub, Killzone Shadow Fall, TitanFall and Knack are not "terrible games". The author doesn't go into depth or give any solid reasons. He's just looking for hits for his crappy "top" list site, and the multiple page list doesn't make it any less obvious.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

It's obvious the author doesn't play many video games, otherwise, crap like Thief and Daylight would have been on the list and not games like Driveclub and Titanfall. I didn't even bother to give it a click.

demonddel1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

It's a opinion just like yours I bet you someone somewhere feels the same way about your opinion about Thief and Daylight

rakentaja1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

I just can not read the articles how bad game is Titanfall. Maybe you just don't like fast-paced shooters? COD is a very populare and sell many copies each year like we all know. Titanfall is better in every way than any COD game ever released. Very unique and versatile..burn cards make the game unpredictable. Titanfall is absolutely a brilliant game and I personally think that's a good thing, that SP is left out..all attentions goes to MP and to make it best as possible (95% of time you spend anyway on MP in games like this). If you have to choose a short and pointless SP and a mediocre MP or very best MP only? You just do not understand the situation, what is chosen, making this game. Titanfall is at least a 8/10 game and please stop the arguments around this game already.

gamehunter1472d ago

i agree with you, that titanfall was a good MP shooting, but its not better than COD 4.

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