Steam Sets New Record with 8.4 Million Concurrent Users on January 1

Steam hit a new record last week reaching eight million concurrent users online at the same time for the time in the digital distribution service's history. Now only a few days later a new record was reached with 8,466,190 concurrent users online, according to VG247.

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decrypt2524d ago

That number beats the crap out of any console network out there. 8.4 million concurrent users is insane.

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AuToFiRE2524d ago

And with an active user base of 100 million users, it certainly is a wonder of the technological world. How multi billion dollar companies cannot hold a stable service with a couple million users is just no excuse these days.

ravencry2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Fun fact :

Lizard squad took down XBOX live and the PSN by a DDOS on 12/25/2015

this attack took down PSN+ and XBOX live server for 2 days


they attacked STEAM on 1/2/2015.

this attack did nothing but stall 1 out of 62 steam servers for about 16 MINUTES

rodiabloalmeida2524d ago

And it's free of charge.
About lizard's attack at steam servers, I just thought "Attack? Where? I don't see anything" while checking steam server status page on that day.

Praise Gaben.

Brisco2524d ago

Xbox Live 2 days? For me only some hiccups Christmas eve. Psn 3 days down for me.

BitbyDeath2524d ago

Charging for online is a scam that is why. Sony did it to boost PS+ numbers and ms did it for no other reason than to gain revenue. They even tried it on the PC crowd who was smart enough to laugh in their face.

rodiabloalmeida2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Fun fact#2: It seems PSN users thinks being DDOS'ed is acceptable and having your ability to play online disabled for 3 days is pretty normal. They even accept cookies as an apologie instead of requesting more stability from the server that handles their gaming network.

Geez... Just look at the comments on the article below:

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NuggetsOfGod2524d ago

If it was psn it might be down from all the players lol

steam is $0 for the best service ever!!

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Masterchief_thegoat2524d ago

good thing about it is free and game digital sales is better then xbox one and ps4

NuggetsOfGod2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

"Steam is greater than xbl > psn obviously" - Sherlock Holmes

I feel a steam record breaking marathon coming for 2015 lol

The fact that the best service for gamers is free make me
think I am in some alternate universe!

OT: Man killing floor 2 and gta mods will make be awspme!

slappy5082524d ago

Will be 8,466,191 users soon.. Waiting for my PC parts to arrive xD

FromTheAshes2524d ago

But...But..But...Consoles are cheaper than PC gaming...You have to spend $5000 to get the equivalent performance of PS4! /SARCASM

Utalkin2me2524d ago

Is that really necessary acting like a 5 year old? Have some dignity and act like a man with some sense. And you wonder why people give PC guys get a bad rap.

But to your comment, you can not spend 400 dollars and get to play Farcry 4 at what the PS4 does on Pc. Just saying.

FromTheAshes2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )


You seemed touched by my comment. I won't get into an online pissing contest with strangers.

The fact that you replied to a real generalization about PC gaming and gamers goes to show you (A) can't afford PC gaming or (B) are not competent enough to be a PC gamer.

Either way...Start the new year off by not subliminally insulting strangers on the internet.


The initial cost of PC gaming is alleviated by Steam...You know? Where I can buy most multiplatform games for 2/3's or less of the price on PS4 within months?

Please spare me "you can't build a 400 dollar PC to match PS4" rhetoric. Cause as of now considering cheap GPU's that exceed the PS4 and new API's to take advantage of PC, PS4's cost is irrelevant.

slappy5082524d ago

I agree with the fact that overtime PC gaming is cheaper. I have a ps4 too so I can play the multi platforms on PC (provided they are optimized well enough) at 60 FPs ultra and use the ps4 for the exclusives I like, best of both worlds!

FromTheAshes2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )


I agree. There are definitely console exclusive games never coming to PC, and vice versa.

But if you're competent and can manage to buy and play both it's a sweet deal.

As implied with TDBtrl below me...PC gaming is definitely getting on the cheap side thanks to new API's and the nVidia vs. AMD rivalry.

But Utalkin2me took my comment as some "PC master race" flamebait and insulted my "manhood" not knowing if I'm a man, woman, or trans...Amazing lol.

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thisismytag2524d ago

This is an incredible feat!

Jan55oni2524d ago

Nice. Only problem is that Steam has been since 2003 and it still has big problems like laggy service which is so annoying. Or is it just me who has the problem with marketplace and almost everyday at store. Downloadspeed is superior ++++ :P

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