Why you should buy an Xbox One. Or a PS4. Or maybe a Wii U.

Like many (most?) people, I was determined to never purchase an Xbox One after its disastrous reveal event. Not much has changed to the machine since then – apart from the removal of the demand for an internet connection, the removal of the demand for Kinect to be plugged in, the removal of Kinect from the box altogether, the removal of the emphasis on “TV TV TV”, the addition of several features that weren’t present at launch, and a huge reduction in RRP – but, for some reason I can’t quite grasp, Microsoft’s latest console is now somewhat more popular than it started off.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2531d ago

A decent article. It makes fair points for all 3 consoles and does a good job of telling the truth about the Wii U's gamepad rather than dismissing it as a bulky inconvenience.

One of the better articles I've seen lately, in this sea of vitriolic gaming journalism.

Sidewinder-2531d ago

You're a wise man, uh Monkey... I mean, Monkey Man...

Dabigsiebowski2531d ago

I hate to sound like a fan boy which I am due to policies of other companies, but the dirty honest truth is the PS4 is simply the best console by a long shot if you are a fan of video games. I own all 3 and I spend majority of my time on the ps4 due to the sheer library of great games and the best hardware with a fair price from the get go. Very proud of Sony keeping the industry in line and not allowing others to take advantage of consumers like xbone did. Wii u is...fine if you like Nintendo games.

Vegamyster2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

What games/system you enjoy all comes down to personal preference.

"Very proud of Sony keeping the industry in line and not allowing others to take advantage of consumers like xbone did."

I did not like what MS tried to pull and I'm glad they changed all that crap but why are you ignoring Nintendo in this situation? They were the first out the gate and didn't have any of those polices either and Reggie said in a GT interview they were not interested in DRM or restricting the used game market.

Dabigsiebowski2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

I didn't ignore nintendo, I pretty much said if you enjoy Nintendo games then that great for the Wii U. Nintendo just fails at generating excitement from third parties and they can't even get the virtual console right leaving you waiting...and waiting for announcements. I buy a Wii U game maybe twice a year because that's the pace of interesting games being released for it. The 3ds is a vastly superior choice over the Wii U if you really wanna get into the discussion

@Vega Well they fixed the Smash bros tourney Dilemma which was a laughing stock. They have fine policies m for what they are and what they represent compared to the other 2. They are the kings of sending more mixed signals than any other video game company out there. Might be why the Wii U came out first and is in dead last in terms of sales.

Vegamyster2531d ago


Did you read my entire comment? I wasn't referring to the games, i was specially talking about policies.

Gazondaily2531d ago

Policies now redacted doesn't justify you being a fanboy.

I actually own all 3 (do you really?) and I use my X1 the most.

I'm not proud of any company because why on earth would I feel proud of a corporation?

Your opinion that the PS4 is the best console is just that, an opinion. It's not the 'honest truth ' indicative of some objective reality that exists.

Also, Wii U is fine if you like Nintendo games? Right.

Forget all the nonsense drama aside from last year, from all the fake tears continued to be shed by people about last year's reversed policies, it's interesting how the maligned console delivered a solid and arguably superior gameplay experience to the one '10 the gamers'.

Dabigsiebowski2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Well tell that to all the people who switched from Xbox to playstation which is no lie. I did this myself but back in 2010 when Microsoft gave up on making great games and tried to Jimmy up as much money from the consumer as possible. I own an X one and it's a paperweight except when I feel like playing MCC which surprisingly took over a month and a half to even function some what properly though it's still not quite there. PS4 has had some issues to even with Drive club but they patched it up a lot quicker and have been adding good free content since then.

Gazondaily2531d ago

Yeah please don't compare the content of DC with Halo TMCC...

Because getting 4 games and now a FIFTH game is not good content but adding weather to a racing game with a paltry 58 cars is great.

wonderfulmonkeyman2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Wii U is fine if you don't mind skipping AAA multiplats.
Many of which have, lately, not lived up to their own hype. And that doesn't seem to be a trend that's going to halt anytime soon, with the rising increase in focus on graphics and marketing first before everything else from these AAA third parties.

The Wii U's got plenty of back-catalog games, indies, and smaller third party games that more than make up for what it lacks in AAA multiplats.

etownone2531d ago

You sound like a typical fanboy.

The better exclusives up until today, HDMI out, Xbox Live, great controller for Fps's, is on Xbox one and I'm loving it.
I'm not going Nintendo this gen for first time ever. Sorry.. Last gen hardware is not acceptable again.

And now that I got ps4.... I'm ready for Sonys great exclusives for 2015. Is it a better piece of hardware... Yeah. Can't argue that point anymore. The much smaller siz, more gpu power, no power brick, amazing controller (motion, speaker, light bar, rechargeable, share button, much much more comfortable design compared to ps3 and touch pad) and the fact that I'm playing my ps4 (The Last of Us) Remote play on my psvita while at work just blows me away.

So... This gen... If you want the best and can't see yourself owning all 3 consoles... At least get 2.


deafdani2531d ago

It+s better to get either PS4 or Xbox One AND a wii U. Or just go PC and Wii U.

For the majority of people, Wii U would be a damn good companion console, while using the other platform for its exclusives and third party support.

In my opinion, at least. That way, there will be less overlap in games, seeing how most of the best games available on the Wii U are exclusive stuff.

Also, the power gap betwen Nintendo and the other guys isn't as wide this time around as it was last generation. Not even close.

This is why I have a Wii U and a PS4, myself. I want the Nintendo exclusives (which are unmatched, in my opinion), plus the Sony exclusives and third party stuff.

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MeliMel2531d ago

Exactly, PS4 is not the best console by a long shot.



I own all 3 as well. What are you playing so much on ps4?. You might want to pick up mario kart smash and bayonetta on your wii u. Then grab forza halo mcc and killer instint on your xbox one. No point having all 3 and being a big fan boy

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Masterchief_thegoat2531d ago

depend which consoles fits you better

TheStrokes2531d ago

Buy whatever suits you...any or all.

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