Fallout: New Vegas Modded Looks Incredible For A Four-Year Old Title In 4K Resolutions

Reddit’s member ‘hi9′ has shared a set of screenshots from a modded version of Fallout: New Vegas. hi9 used a custom ENB present based on ENB of the Apocalypse, as well some WIP textures that have not been released as of yet.

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StarLord_Who2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

Yes, because it has been modded.

Is it shocking that it is 4 years old when it has been stripped and overhauled repeatedly?

madjedi2578d ago

Who cares how old it is, the screenshots looked incredible, my only question is what kind of cards do you need to run it.

AndrewLB2580d ago

I don't think the graphics are that good at all. Just look at modded skyrim which is a 3 year old title if you want to see pure visual bliss.

Or perhaps a little modded Crysis... which came out in 2007.

lashes2ashes2580d ago

The vanilla version of skyrim looks way better than fallout new Vegas so what were you expecting. It's in a lot newer engine.

2580d ago
Simco8762580d ago

Great, but give me Fallout 4 please

Saints942580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )


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