Dungeons and Desktops

"Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role-playing Games chronicles the rise and fall of the Computer RPG industry, from Akalabeth to Zelda and everything in between. While the bulk of the book is devoted to the genre's "Golden Age" in the late '80s and early '90s, author Matt Barton explores the entire history of CRPGs, from their origins in the mid '70s to the very recent past. While not entirely comprehensive, the book covers not only the major players and award-winners, but also dozens of obscure "also-rans" as well as notable games in related genres."

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Monteblanco5385d ago

Interesting how Barton views Diablo. I actually agree with him in Diablo being a not a RPG or, at least, a rather weak one. Still, it is a fine game, nevertheless.

mariusmal5385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

just because diablo hasnt 300 character options that makes it a non rpg ? lol. ill agree that diablo isnt an rpg hardcore game but gave more atention to the genre than most games. and yes baldur's gate was great. but diablo had a kind of magic in it.