Gran Turismo HD - The Nissan Trailer

It's always a good day at the races when you show up in your very own Skyline.

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MicroGamer4344d ago

Is always one of the killer apps for Sony, but the big question is how soon can it get here?? If it's 6-12 months away or more, then I doubt that it will make a huge difference in how the sales race finishes up.

Quisp4344d ago

Ive stuck with Playstation solely because of Gran Turismo's exclusivity to Sony.

Im a big Sim Racing fan. GT has been my baby. I was disappointed, like many, in GT4's game design, lack of online, and innovation from previous releases. But, Im still looking forward to GTHD coming out and giving us what it should have been in the first place.
However, like you said, the longer they wait on this, and the longer Sony's poor PS3 production lingers, the more Im inclined to purchase an Xbox360 as my next console.

Maddens Raiders4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

GTHD will be here by Christmas '06 and we already know that GT5 or 6 depending on how you look at it won;t be available until 2008. With that said I don't think that the statement:

-- "I doubt that it will make a huge difference in how the sales race finishes up."

-- is justified. First of all I'm not a doomsday believer re: the PS3. I think the system is going to sell just fine. Also the Gran Turismo series has sold over 44 MILLION copies worldwide. That is an unbelievable feat for a racing game / sim. All in all people that own PS3's and those that don't will be drawn in by the subsequent launches. Car manufacturers love the series now from BMW to Nissan, to Dodge to RUF. GT is all over the Le Mans and Japanese and US SuperGT Championships. In some aspects "the game" has literally become larger than the cars or manufacturers themselves with people looking to the series first to see how the models look and feel in various environments. The influences of GT and all of its early GT-R Skylines (remember the Mitsu GTO/VR-4?) are evident all over this great country. Americans got to know import tuners, sleek Euros & exotics, and American Muscle like they never knew before. One of the main reasons for the increase of Remember, over 44 million copies sold already -- if that doesn't count for a difference in how the sales race might finish up, I don't know what will. Just think if Halo 3 wasn't coming out 'til early 2008 or if Super Smash Bros wasn't coming out til 2008 -- they would still sale a considerable amount due to the popularity, and familiarity with the series and that alone will cause upticks in bottom line sales. Believe it or not but people all over the world love GT from casual players to hardcore race-sim fans including real race car drivers! Polyphony has paid its dues over the years and now the PAYOFF will simply be exponential for them and SNE. I'm not calling it a "system saver", but GT is the soul of PlayStation. The numbers don't lie.

Quisp4344d ago (Edited 4344d ago )

Im not sure where you are getting your Christmas 2006 date from.
By all accounts Ive read on GT Forums and Polyphony Digitals own words, its not slated in Japan until Spring 2007, with US release likely thereafter.
Given how PD has been chronically late on their releases, I wouldnt hold my breath on a QTR 1 date either.
However, given the fact that GTHD is an improvement of a current release, we might assume that helps them meet their release date goals. We'll see.