PS4 Remote Play is finally on select phones and tablets.

PS4 Remote Play is finally on select phones and tablets, and it's amazing — when it works

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theXtReMe12534d ago

Ive been playing GTA V via remote play on my G3, with the new software that allows it without a jailbreak. It works fairly well, with the caviet being that you have to jailbreak if you want to use the dualshock 4. Even with the onscreen controls, its not bad. But, as the article states, I ran into graphic glitches and drops... Even next to my console and on a 300Mb internet connection. My guess, is that it is either a coding error within the software itself or some sort of streaming issue with the router that a QoS nod may fix.

Either way, the issues were few enough that it didnt impede the experience that much and allowed for amazing gameplay and visuals, upscaled to 4K on my phone. Which, in GTA Vs case... Looked amazing!

The great thing about doing this with your smartphone, is many have mini HDMI out or Miracast... Giving you the ability to hook it up to any HDTV and have a portable PS4, wherever you go. Especially if you jailbreak and have dualshock 4 support and have a decent connection. If you buy your games digitally, you can play your entire library, anywhere you are, around the world.

marlinfan102534d ago

That's pretty cool, I thought it could only be played over sony phones. Do you know if it would work with the note 4?

theXtReMe12534d ago

Id imagine it would work with any android-based unit. I think it has to be 4.2 or higher, as far as version though.

IRetrouk2534d ago

Its works really well on a note 4. Tried driveclub on it, runs smooth and looks really nice on the 2k screen ;-)

marlinfan102534d ago

Nice, I'm gonna have to try it out

bouzebbal2534d ago

Does anyone know if remote play is working on Xperia tablet Z2?
Thank you

sfex3best2534d ago

The tablet z2 natively supports it dude.
And for those having problems try changing the wifi frequency to 5ghz.

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WeAreLegion2534d ago

Sweet. I'll try it with my G3 later.

NuggetsOfGod2533d ago

Its on pc also. Seen an article about the other day

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BattleTorn2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I've got a PS4 Remote Play app on my (stock) Android already ;)

madmonkey012534d ago

I've used remote play on my pc (via bluestack), using completely wired connection, it still lags a little bit at times but for the most part its perfectly fine.

OpenGL2534d ago

I own the Xperia Z3 and so far my experience with remote play has been very poor. There are near constant connection issues that either cause massive lag spikes or drops in image quality. Even when at full strength WiFi it will often say connection lost.

UKmilitia2534d ago

me too dude but im on z2,but exact same issue

Pillage052534d ago

Ds4 interferes with a 2.4ghz connection pretty bad. It works better if you have a dual band router and connect your phone through 5ghz to the router. Also turn off location on your phone while remote playing.

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