Top 10 Android Games December 2014

A round up of the 10 best Android games for December 2014 that will keep you glued to your Android device for hours on end.

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pressjudge3463d ago

Great list, but i would put Skull Legends first in my personal list.


Netflix’s mobile game download numbers have risen sharply thanks to GTA: The Trilogy

The three remasters were downloaded through Netflix 18 million times in their first month.

Netflix‘s mobile download numbers have reportedly risen drastically thanks to the addition of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition to the service. All three remasters were made available to Netflix members on December 14 via the App Store, Google Play, and in the Netflix mobile app.

Players are able to download and play the games as part of their Netflix subscription, with no extra charges. As a result of this high-profile addition to its library, Netflix has seen a sharp increase in monthly game downloads, according to Appmagic data reported via Mobilegamer.biz.

According to the data, Netflix’s monthly game downloads were around 10 million in November 2023, but this shot up to around 28 million in December 2023.

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VenomUK151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

18 million downloads across the GTA trilogy on Netflix is incredible numbers and dwarfs the total number of Starfield downloads. This highlights that whilst Microsoft wants Game Pass to be the 'Netflix of gaming' its reach is currently just as a complementary service to the Xbox games console. Whereas Netflix because it is so ubiquitous has the potential to be the real Netflix of gaming and do what Sony, Microsoft and Google Stadia all have dreamed of doing and reach the casuals who never dreamed of buying a console.

Now you can download games on to your iOS/Android device, for sure Netflix is looking to offer full triple-A games that are streamed via the cloud on their TV app.

Inverno149d ago

They need a get these games available on PC already.

badboyz09149d ago

Netflix better lockup Take-Two


My Cat Club Now Available Globally For Android and iOS - Hardcore Droid

New Zealand's PikPok has released their relaxing new cat adoption simulator for both Android and iOS.

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Command & Conquer: Legions announced for iOS, Android

Level Infinite has announced strategy game Command & Conquer: Legions for iOS and Android via a licensing agreement with intellectual property owner Electronic Arts.

ocelot07306d ago

More mobile games. Can't believe the last command and conquer game was Tiberian Twilight not only was it a awful game. It was 13 years ago.

mkis007303d ago

i guess the name was perfect

Profchaos304d ago

EA have been trying to shoehorn C&C into a live service/ mobile game since 2009 it's not happening now give us another generals

SpacedDuck304d ago

Disgusting that this IP has outside of the excellent C&C Remastered been regulated to awful mobile games.

Command and Conquer should have had a passionate team assigned and come roaring back years ago.

VincentVanBro278d ago

If we needed further evidence that EA is dumb as hell with their IP, behold their latest blunder