Why Hackers are Trolling the gaming Community like a DDOS

In this special Gamingmedia is going to clarify to you all, why guys like Geohot The Lizard Squad, LulzSec and Famegod are the biggest trolls in the gaming community. Why do they do it? Wat is the motive, and why do they go public for the fame of their names.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2585d ago

Why do they do it?

Little d*cks and not enough attention from mommy.

xXSilentXx2585d ago

Indeed they pissed of allot of gamers.

JsonHenry2584d ago

One of the reasons they state for the hacks was to draw attention away from frivolous things like video games on a holiday to give more attention to things that matter like the like #opdeatheaters movement.

christian hour2584d ago

That was a painful read, childish insults in the form of an opinion piece. Furthermore this is just giving hadckers a bad image, as if that image wasn't bad enough as is already.

Now don't misunderstand me here, I think lizard squad and their ilk are absolute scum but, to call them hackers or even compare it to the work of genuine hackers is ridiculous.

And by genuine hackers I mean the kind who go out of their way on their own dime to find genuine flaws in a companys online security and then point it out to them without disrupting services. Most times they end up getting a job out of it too as they get hired to fix the flaw.

I'm not saying there aren't hackers out there with ill tendencies, they no doubt exist and can cause some serious damage to a company, but to give them the forefront over the "white-knight" hackers is just giving them exactly what they want.

And as for wannabe hackers like LS, nothing but glorified trolls.

gangsta_red2584d ago

Why do they do it? because they can and it looks like these big companies don't have to many good defenses against it.

It's there for these guys to exploit and until MS and Sony can get a good handle on it or offer a solution as to where a DDOS attack won't shut their network down for a day or a weekend then these guys will keep doing it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2584d ago

The only way to prevent a DDoS attack is to not allow any external connections to your network. The only thing that Microsoft and Sony can do is what they have been doing, mitigating the impact of this type of cyber attack. Sony has employed Akamai since 2006 to cover it's network and i'm sure Microsoft uses a similar service.

gangsta_red2584d ago

I'm sure there is a way for both of these companies to detect incoming junk or spam from these jokers. Maybe MS and Sony are looking into these solutions as we speak.

Whatever these companies are using doesn't seem to be working especially since Lizard Squad actually told everyone they would do this on Christmas. And were successful at doing so.

If there truly is no way to prevent these attacks then these companies need to come up with a way to get their service up and running FAST.

A day or two in my opinion is unacceptable.

kneon2584d ago

Fine, so you detect the junk traffic, then what? You can't stop it at the source so you continue to get hammered with traffic.

rainslacker2583d ago


There is a way for them to detect junk or spam from any IP. In fact it's a natural part of the internet(or servers for that matter) to not do anything with junk packets because there is no associated task assigned to them. It's the whole reason that DDoS works and despite what some people keep claiming, is the reason that you can't prevent DDoS 100% without blocking all incoming packets.

However, here's the flaw in your logic. in order to do something with those junk packets, you have to let them in, and to let them in, it means that the servers can get flooded thus causing a DDoS attack.

Every company out there has some sort of DDoS or hack protection of some level. You're just assuming that Sony, and I guess now MS, are the only times when these things are an issue. The truth is, there are thousands of DDoS attacks every day, and most go unnoticed by the end user except for laggy experience, or the attack fails to have enough backing to effect the server.

Otherwise, I do agree with you, finding better ways to mitigate the downtime due to an attack needs to be looked at a little more. That's about the only thing any company can do, but for people saying they aren't doing enough, it's just the wrong assumption, because there are too many variables to consider as to why one may take longer than the other, many of them outside of the companies control, particularly on a DDoS which more often than not doesn't ever attack attack or make it to the server being attacked, but slows down it's supporting backbone servers.

joeorc2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Separately, cybersecurity firm Norse announced the results of its own unofficial investigation into the Sony hack. The company, which first spotted the computer break-in last month, identified six people, including a laid-off former tech specialist who’d worked a decade at the company as having “direct involvement in the attack.” Others involved were from Canada, Thailand and Singapore.

CorndogBurglar2584d ago

I agree to extent. Be I down for a couple days is unacceptable. But you have to think about what day this happened. It was Christmas. Most businesses are closed, and even the ones that are open at operating with a skeleton crew. That's why it took so long to fix, i'm willing to bet.

When you look back to August when similar DDoS attacks were happening, MS and Sony bith recovered much faster.

I'm guessing thats the reason.

rainslacker2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )

Having worked in network management, and security in particular, I can tell you those guys are always on call(Even on Christmas...I was paged when I was attending a funeral once), and since the attacks were announced, and it was to be a known heavy traffic day either way, you can bet they weren't running a skeleton crew.

Not everybody celebrates Christmas, particularly in IT, where a lot of people are being hired from India nowadays, and from what I remember, Sony now uses a outside firm to handle it's security, so it's likely they will always have a full crew since Sony isn't their only client.

christian hour2584d ago


Until MS and Sony can get a good handle on it? Unfortunately this kind of attack is not isolated to just these two companies. They're happening every day, to every company that is connected to the internet all around the world. DDoS has been an issue since the internet of things has been, well, a thing.

If you visit this site,


You can get a live feed of all DDoS attacks happening. Theres even a timeline graph showing the number of attacks over the last few months. Which, actually says quite a bit.

The reason DDoS attacks have gone on the rise is because they've been getting more media attention as they happen.

If you look at that graph and pay attention to june and july, DDoS activity has not gone down to those levels since, then in august theres a HUGE spike, this was around the time LS first DDoS'd psn and got attention from every corner of the internet. And since then DDoS activity has increased exponentially.

The media coverage of these attacks in itself, has brought a lot more attention to this type of attack and how easy it is to pull off so naturally, more and more people are doing it and trying it out and its starting to become a serious problem.

A problem that is inherent with the internet. A problem with no real solution in sight exxcept to carry on an expensive arms race of getting more servers for better mitigation only to then be met by a bigger attack which will then call for more servers and better mit-- and so on, and so on.

gangsta_red2583d ago

"They're happening every day, to every company that is connected to the internet all around the world."

This is true but I am not logging into any other company to spend my leisure time or giving any other company my money to play games on their service.

If I am paying MS and Sony 50/60 dollars a year then i expect that service to be up and running. I understand that there are circumstances that may disrupt the service but if there is a group that has given you heads up and an approximate day of when they will strike...then MS and Sony should have been well prepared and been able to stay a step ahead of these guys.

I mean seriously, imagine if I told you I was going to rob your house on a certain day and even given you the time...wouldn't you prepare for it, have certain safe guards in place, actually be home when I said I would strike?

Well Sony and MS should have had the same thing and even though I give MS more credit for getting their service up a lot quicker it was still down for the better part of the Xmas day.

I don't believe there isn't a way to prevent this. I'm sure a billion dollar company and one who specializes in networks can come up with a solution to combat this. If not stop it entirely then it needs to not shut a network down for the period of time that it did.

rainslacker2583d ago (Edited 2583d ago )


I think you're looking at this the wrong way. It doesn't matter if a company knows when an attack will happen or not. Their security procedures for what to do when an attack occurs will be the same regardless. I assume they both have those kinds of security procedures in place, MS for sure does as they have an industry standard for others to use if they so wish, and Sony most likely does due to it's size and it's prior well-known hack.

But knowing when it's going to happen doesn't change the fact that it's not just something you can stop by pressing a button, or running some program designed to do it. The only way to stop the attack completely is to shut out the servers from outside connections, but that doesn't stop the actual attack. In some cases it wouldn't matter anyways, because the DDoS attack may not even be hitting the servers, but some other server outside of the companies direct control.

The important part is, what to do when the attacks happen, and until the attack happens it can't be decided 100% until the type of attack is known. There are tons different types of DDoS attacks. Once that happens, it's not always possible to have a contingency for every possible outcome, because attacks change from one to the next.

Anyhow, I and many others have said to you all that I could possibly say, and while I agree that they should have better plans in place to mitigate downtime, unless you actually know what their security polices are, it's not something you should get so worked up over.

I would probably understand any security policy these guys wrote up, and if I had access to them I could make a judgement on whether I feel they're good or not. However, having done security for a while, I know that people that don't understand anything more than the basics of networking really don't know what it takes to mitigate an attack, and even less what effects it might have on a particular server setup. That's why I'm not so quick to criticize, because I just don't know(I actually do know some of the basis of MS policies due to the outline being public)

Here are a couple of good videos about DDoS(transcribed if you don't want to watch).

This guy writes the books professionals and students use before taking certification exams. he really knows his stuff. Never does he say that DDoS can be prevented, but it's always about how to mitigate the effects.



He has a lot of other good videos of this stuff too which go into a ton more detail, but it can be difficult to find what you're looking for on Google with these kinds of things.

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mochachino2584d ago

Some hack for the good of all, some hack just to troll. Not all hackers are bad. Some have very noble purposes. Lizard squad are complete jack asses though.

christian hour2584d ago

Damn I thought you were gonna sum this whole situation up in a boss assed rhyme there for a second with your first sentence. That would've been impressive. Still, your prose was excellent! Well said!

DougLord2584d ago

The solution is for all the kids at their school to beat the pics out of them for the rest of their lives. I can't believe that guy put his face on that interview.

urwifeminder2584d ago

Has been comedy gold really enjoyed the hacks the forum tears are amazing.

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