Xbox One for $199 at Target, Select 3DS XL systems for $99

Looking for an Xbox One or 3DS XL system? Target is clearing out some gaming stock and you could snag a Xbox One or 3DS XL for half their normal retail price.

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Cindy-rella2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Thats like literally giving away xbox ones for free. Im thinking there will be places selling xbox one towards the end of next year for 150 dollars because ps4 will have some sort of price drop.

Concertoine2043d ago

I wish 200 bucks was free :P

DarthZoolu2042d ago

just talked to 10 targets this isn't true

UltraNova2041d ago

From 400 to 200 is free in my language...

This is probably not true.

Drabent2042d ago

Do u love americans? lol><

DLConspiracy2041d ago


Is it necessary to post xenophobic comments here?

jb2272042d ago

That says that Target VASTLY over estimated their capabilities to sell the system to me...w/ the price going back up in a week, retailers would have to be either crazy or crazy desperate to mark them down that low, must not have been a huge seller for them, I'd be interested to see what the sold thru numbers are for Nov. & Dec. to see what kind if discrepancy there is, but Target is a pretty major nationwide retailer so it seems like the gulf between the two would most likely be pretty wide. Haven't seen any discounts on the retailer level for the PS4 or Wii U, only free games or peripherals bundled in.


I just called my Target and asked them if they had any for $199 and they said no but they are completely out of the $349 models and only have 2 Kinect bundles left. They never had them for $199 he said :/

frostypants2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

No. Giving away Xbox Ones for free would be "literally" giving them away for free. As they are charging $199, they are not "literally" free.

You are using "literally" in a way that is literally the opposite to its meaning.

rivencleft2041d ago

Reminds me of Princess Bride, "you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

modelgod2041d ago

Exactly. I also talked to 5 targets in long island in NY and it's not true.

BDSE2042d ago

The fire sale continues.

fanboysmackdown2042d ago

More consoles they sell, the more games people buy so it's been great for consumers this holiday. The real desperate console had little to no good deals...talking about you Wii-Poo.

jrshankill2041d ago

nope. it is fake. no targets are selling for $199 and no employee knows of it either.

Muzikguy2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

You guys complaining about the price sound like a bunch of cheapskates. Obviously $200 isn't "free" but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than $500 they were launched at! 60% off is "almost" like giving them away. If $200 is still too much for a console you're probably going to use for YEARS then you probably shouldn't be gaming IMO. I don't want an X1 but if I did I'd jump at this price. I'm not jumping down anyone's throat but why be so literal? Lighten up a little bit.... It's going to be a bad start to the new year!!

Svinya2041d ago

The $500 model includes kinect and is still selling for $500.

modelgod2041d ago

I'm xbox to the core and I respect the fact that you don't want one and I agree with your statement 100%.

Bigpappy2041d ago

If it were true, I would pickup 2 more. May put them in different rooms, or give them to needy neighbors.

raymantalk12041d ago

if you would give them to needy neighbors you must be loaded to be able to give away $400 like that wish i had soo much money so i could do something like that :)

Muzikguy2041d ago

I bet if you had $400 @rayman giving it away would be the last thing you'd want to do :)

At least it is for me

MRMagoo1232041d ago

Why would you be that mean to your neighbor ?

ScaryMonkey2041d ago

They could "literally" be free and still wouldn't be worth owning.

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MasterCornholio2042d ago

Wow a special edition 3DS XL for 99$. That's a fantastic deal.


Clover9042042d ago

I'd be all over that, but the New 3DS will surely be released stateside sometime this year. Its going to be hard to holdout until then.

yuukiliu2042d ago

I would hold out. I had a launch 3DS and finally bought a new one in november(L.E. smash bro new 3DSLL) it was worth the wait. Way better battery, Everything is faster and MH4 works great with the new c stick. they have already announced 1 exclusive, so I am sure more will be announced later.

Patrick_pk442042d ago

This. Holdout for the new one. Nintendo is attempting to sell all of the old stock of the 3DS to replace it with the new one, which is the result of the recent sales for the handheld.

Xb1ps42042d ago

Yea not bad.. I got my son one for 150 with a free game, got it with that luigi mansion game.. I think it was 40 for the game so it works out about the same

traumadisaster2042d ago

Didn't show up on targets bait

Macdaddy712042d ago

In store only??? Read ad,.. Just called my local target n they have 5 left,..inter web store sites are different then in stores,..
One thing I hate worse then someone that lies is someone that can't read!!!!

Omegabalmung2042d ago

It's real


The only problem now is if you can find the items anymore. The deal has been going on since Sunday and most of the target stores probably had only a few each.

XanderZane2042d ago

Yeah, they are sold out everywhere. I didn't get this Sunday's paper so I wasn't aware about the sale. No big deal. I already own both a 3DS and XB1. I would just sell them on Ebay for a profit anyways.