15 Games In 2015 We Can't Wait To Play

Any of the top-tier games that were originally going to make their debuts in 2014 have been moved to 2015. The shift of many big games into 2015 definitely created a drought in the later half of 2014, but it also raised a lot of anticipation and excitement for the games we're expecting to see land on store shelves and digital storefronts over the course of the next 12 months.

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Hellsvacancy2359d ago

Bloodborne *screams like a little girl* it's when I finally buy a PS4, i've not really seen any games that make me go "wow I NEED this in my life right now"

And not long after that, Witcher 3 is out

Stupid2359d ago

Well, i am sick for Mortal Kombat and Tekken 7

Rimeskeem2358d ago

Heres my plan for 2015 in order:

Play Dying light
Play The Order
Play Bloodborne

now it gets out of order

play No Mans Sky
Play Uncharted 4
play Halo 5
Play QB
Play Until Dawn
Play Rime
Play Legend of Zelda
Play Star Fox
Play Arkham Knight
play Star Wars Battlefront

ps. Im not a fighting or racing gamer. I'm also not into MGS (yes, I know, I'm an awful person)

Ristul2358d ago

Bloodborne and The Order are my most wanted, but there is so much coming next year it's crazy!

Dark-Funeral2358d ago

The witcher, Batman, Persona, Kingdom of Heart, Dying light, HALO, uncharted, Quantum break, The order 1886, Tomb raider, Bloodburn, Metal gear etc etc

oh my god, crazy crazy year................ :)

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