Best of 2014: The year’s 10 finest mobile games

GamesBeat: Mobile gaming is evolving, and we have 10 games that prove just how wonderful the medium is on touchscreen devices.

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deantak1416d ago

it was a flappy kind of year.

Yi-Long1416d ago

I downloaded Crossy Road a few days ago, which I really like. A new version of the old classic 'Frogger', but with a very nice visual style, free, and you unlock a lot of new animals/characters to play with. Very addictive, and simple to play.

tekksin1416d ago

I just released my game a few days ago. It's now available on iOS and Android. Search: Super Maria 2D World.

It's free. I'm sending apple an update now to fix the facebook integration, so don't bother trying to use that feature if you decide to check it out. They usually take about a week to update things.

Here's an image to give you an idea of the kinda game it is:

mixelon1416d ago

What's funny about that is "Maria" is already the 2nd player character (think Luigi) in The Great Giana Sisters - the original and infamous (and v good) C64/ST/Amiga Mario clone.

.. Looks cute though. :)

tekksin1416d ago

I did a bit of research to see if it existed, mid way through the project, and couldn't find anything lol. That's definitely news to me! looks neat