Tabata on FFXV: NPCs, AI Routines, Towns, Excessive Boob Jiggling (Part II)

Part II of Automaton's uncut translation of Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata's interview with Famitsu. This time Tabata reminisces over the loss of excessive boob jiggling as well as expanding on how the "road-trip" theme plays into the overarching structure of the game.

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DarkOcelet2958d ago

That was fast, keep up the good work ;)

mezati992958d ago

"Excessive Boob Jiggling"
that's all that matters

Viryu2958d ago

Final Fantasy: Jiggling Boobies. I've already preordered 24 copies.

Activemessiah2958d ago

I can't hear angry SJWs over the sound of boobs jiggling...

Roccetarius2958d ago

Shh, they're too busy playing Dead or Alive.

Either way, i'm not sure where the excessive boob jiggling comes from, considering it was pretty normal.

Articuno762958d ago

Tabata means it was excessive when the jiggling was first shown to him during development. Apparently what we've seen is the toned down version... which gets me curious as to what the original version was like.

NoctisPendragon2958d ago

What they did to ff type 0 is awsome , cant believe !!!!!

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