EA sees $4-5 mln ad rev from game

Electronic Arts Inc. Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Probst said on Wednesday the company expects $4 million to $5 million in in-game advertising revenues from its new "Need for Speed Carbon" game this quarter.

Probst, who heads the world's largest video game maker, told the Reuters Media Summit in New York that advertising revenues from the newest game in EA's popular car racing franchise would be split between dynamic and static advertisements.

New Internet technology allows advertisers to put so-called dynamic ads on such things as billboards, soda vending machines and other objects that appear in video games -- and gives them the flexibility to change those ads over time. Static ads are coded into the game software and can't be changed.

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THWIP4342d ago drop the price on your sh*tty, rehashed games.

Nodoze4342d ago

Release bugged unfinished games...then boast about ad revenue being made.

EA has lost my business forever.

Take the 59 bux you charge per craptastic title, multiply that by the number of consumers who are dropping you like a bad habit and GUESS is a helluva lot more than 5 million dollars.