Merchants Applaud Report Card Results

The Entertainment Merchants Association has responded to the MediaWise Video Game Report Card, saying that it proves that legislation against retailers is "misplaced."

Earlier today, the National Institute on Media and the Family issued its annual report card, which grades the industry on its ability to keep mature-themed games out of minors' hands.

Big retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy received an "A" for enforcing its "Mature"-rated game policy, but specialty retailers were slapped with a big fat "F".

EMA president Bo Andersen said that despite the reported poor performance of specialty retailers, he believes the overall results show that retailers as a whole have done a good job of enforcing policies.

"Retailers have been targeted with punitive legislation regarding video game sales, which is based on a lack of understanding of the actual level of ratings enforcement in stores," Andersen explained. "Hopefully, today's Report Card will help convince legislators that efforts to target video game retailers are misplaced."

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MicroGamer4338d ago

a federal struck down a state law barring sale of sexually explicit games to minors, so that means the whole game rating system will probably be struck down as unconstitutional next.