17 Best Xbox One Games of 2014

Chillopedia: Xbox One is now officially over a year old and already enjoys a fan following in millions. Apart from being the best living room media machine that provides some really clever and fantastic media features, Xbox One also features an excellent range of both exclusive and non-exclusive games.

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Rimeskeem2528d ago

It's a good console, to say the least. I hope those who have it enjoy and those who don't enjoy their preferred whatever they have.

Bigpappy2528d ago

You may actually get 300 disagrees and loose your last bubble over that comment. But well said none the less.

GraphicX2527d ago

not much diversity in author's top 3 games :/

PS4isKing_822527d ago

Just got an Xbox console for Christmas and was wondering about my avatar I made for myself.

What is the purpose of it, I don't see it in my game menus or the main menu on my Xbox so what's the point of it? On the 360, I would see it on the main menu but on the one, it seems it doesn't serve any purpose.

OT: can't wait for next year's lineup.

Currently playing halo MCC, forza motorsport 5, ryse and dead rising 3 i got for Christmas along with my Xbox one :D

Now a proud owner of all three current gen consoles :D

No_Limit2527d ago

Good for you to join the 3 consoles club. It is the best option for gamers.

bananaboats2527d ago

you can set your avatar as your gamerpic

urwifeminder2527d ago

Have only played the exclusives the other games will steam sale games in the coming years.

ScorpiusX2527d ago

Bought and have played most of them and look forward to future releases.

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