2014 in review: a great year for horror games

Polygon: While many folks feel 2014 was somewhat lackluster overall, it was a fantastic year for horror games.

In some ways, it felt like horror games, once so very much in vogue with the survival-horror style (think the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series) in the late 90s, have been making a slow-but-steady comeback in the gaming public's mindshare. Two of the best games of 2014, in any genre, were capital-H horror works (Alien: Isolation and P.T.), and developers working well under those budgets are consistently creating some of the most interesting work in the indie space, using horror tropes or horror themes as a catalyst.

It certainly doesn't hurt that the popularity of streaming and YouTube playthroughs are just about perfect for the horror genre — it's fun to watch other people get scared! Many of the spookiest titles on this list enjoyed long, happy lives in the eyes of the public on the strength of the game's life as a spectator sport, which has helped many smaller games gain the visibility they might not enjoy in other genres.

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