Best Buy Weekly Deals for December 28th

Best Buy's weekly deals for December 28th are now live.

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TomShoe1443d ago

For $30, I highly recommend picking up GCU, it's bar-none the best deal in gaming. It only takes 3 $60 games to make your money back, and stacking it with other offers leads to huge savings.

Cra2yey31443d ago

I'm part of the game club but can you explain what the $30 is?

TFJWM1442d ago

They are offering the GCU for $30, if your already a member I'm not sure if you could extend your membership or not.

traumadisaster1442d ago

Yea i paid $120 when the consoles released and was still a deal for me since I've bought about 25 games so far. Pc too.

Even now that I'm buying less new releases I still get 20% off whatever the price is.