Six Ways Arkham Knight Can Improve Upon Its Predecessors

UM writes: With the Arkham series, Rocksteady Studios has managed to catapult themselves from an obscure maker of exactly one mediocre shooting game into one of the most admired developers for current gen consoles. By the looks of the stunning trailer, Rocksteady will likely outdo themselves with Arkham Knight. This entry will be the final piece of an amazing trilogy that raised the bar for third-person action games and licensed games in general.

However, just because Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were amazing does not mean that they were perfect. In fact, because Rocksteady absolutely nailed some aspects of design so well, the lingering shortcomings stick out like a sore thumb. Nagging things like pacing and level design only make me think of the potential for these games to transcend the medium of interactive storytelling to new levels — well, more than they already have.

With these nitpicks in mind, here are some ways that Arkham City can avoid the problems of games past and become one of the best video games of all time… *Spoiler warning for earlier games*

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