10 Amazing Unsolved GTA V Mysteries

WC: The latest iteration in the series comes with the most secrets yet, with oodles of hidden content across the next gen landmass of San Andreas yet to be discovered or figured out. UFOs! Bigfoot! Ghosts! Jetpacks! These are the ten amazing unsolved GTA V mysteries.

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TXIDarkAvenger1417d ago

"In GTA V a mysterious laughter can be heard down in the maintenance tunnels in downtown Los Santos". Woah didn't know about that one and you can hear a swamping sound, creepy...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1417d ago

Possibly a Pennywise the Clown easter egg?. If so that is so awesome.

Geekman1416d ago

What is with these open world games and their creepy mysteries? I remember back in Watch Dogs Slender Man graffiti would randomly appear on the walls and disappear when you walked up to it.

Then there was the entirety of Scarecrows cameos in Batman Arkham City.

The Headless Horseman in Assassins Creed 3.

Herobrine (Though he may just be a myth.)

The entirety of Majoras Mask.

The list goes on.... Not that these demos are a bad thing, I'm just pointing it out.

PS3gamer4life1417d ago

I seen a girl ghost deep in the mountains kinda near the light house

Svinya1417d ago

That one has been explained.

1416d ago
-Foxtrot1417d ago

Why do they never add side missions to these mysteries, we had a lot of them in San Andreas which I thought they would add in this one to expand on the myths and legends but they've just done what they did back then...add them but don't give us any rewards/answers.

It's like they are just their for viewing pleasure...that's it.

XisThatKid1416d ago

That's the "mystery" and gamers have become more prone to explore and share experiences now than before so now they know they don't have to hold your han to find little tidbits and easter eggs. we have the internet and this makes the fun of urban myths and legends to share and lie about. it's all in the fun man.

MultiConsoleGamer1417d ago

The biggest surprise for me is that Shawn Fonteno, who provided the voice of Franklin also did the voice for Tarnell in GTA San Andreas. He's also the cousin of Young Maylay who played CJ.

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The story is too old to be commented.