5 PS4 moments that blew us away in its first year

PSU writes;

Here are five moments within the PS4’s first year that truly stand out and keep us greatly optimistic for the future to come.

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mochachino1391d ago

Introducing Share Play so soon really surprised me and is a very cool feature. It's great being able to try my friends games to see if their worth buying. It convinced me to by a couple of games I never would have had any interest in. I only hope they improve on the resolution and it will be perfect.

Jdoki1391d ago

I find it disappointing that while I agree with some of the things listed (Share Play and PSN+) the fact there's no actual moments in PS4 gaming listed (other than 'pretty graphics') shows how bad it was for exclusives this year.

Same thing with XB1. Lots of games, lots of good things - but little epic gaming.

Jaqen_Hghar1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

1. Shareplay. True next gen feature that couldn't and wasn't done on last gen. While others were asking for the same old same old (and that should go in eventually everything that was on PS3) Sony was innovating.

2. Booting up KZ Shadowfall the first time and it goes IMMEDIATELY to the title screen. Showed a man the speed of PS4 when used properly. Also the SP was more open and more gorgeous than any FPS a man had played in years.

3. Infamous Second Son. That world, the faces, the particle effects, and when you get the neon running going and just blast through something with an explosion of light. It's like video game acid in the best possible way

4. TLoU Remastered. Let's be honest this was just as mind blowing the second time and the fact that it looked better than X1's and PS4's lineups to that point other than maybe Infamous as well as having one of the best stories ever told in it just put even the remaster up for Goty eligibility for a man.

5. Launch night. Booting up the first time and seeing that speed that was touched on earlier, holding the best game controller of all time for the first time, and then experiencing Resogun in all its voxelated glory. Sharing pics and videos flawlessly from launch was just awesome. A man was shocked at how well everything worked right from the getgo and just how right everything was from hardware design to interface.

Then next year we're gonna get mind blowing the order visuals and storytelling with solid gameplay, Uncharted by the best studio in world today (nuff said), Ratchet and Clank Reboot (a man's favorite series), high quality and high budget looking indies galore, Bloodborne (not a man's cup of tea but great for fans of the genre), and maybe even get to see GoW next gen for the first time at E3? Yeah it's gonna be a tremendous continuation of the most awesome system yet. Oh and a man still has to finish FC4, get to LBP3 (platinuming both of those), beat Injustice, platinum Hitman trilogy and Deadly Premonition because they're so good he knows he'll wanna get every trophy even after the credits roll (those last 5 games came free btw) and finally get to Retro City Rampage DX which he just bought on disc. Holy hell now that's what a man calls gaming nirvana! PS4 is the king of entertainment right now!

WilDRangeRfc1391d ago

The Last Of Us Remastered for me,never had a PS3 so played it through on grounded on PS4 for the first time,I was blown away as I am a multiplayer mostly gamer it was the first game single player wise that kept making me play,graphics story and gameplay all 10/10.I am addicted to the multiplayer which has overtaken Gears Of War as my fav online experience,I am beast at it too which makes it even better,watch out for WilDRangeRfc with his shorty lol