New Final Fantasy XV Details Emerge from Comic Fiesta 2014

At Comic Fiesta 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Square Enix held a panel titled “The History and Future of Final Fantasy,” during which more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV were provided by Producer Shinji Hashimoto and Lead Game Designer Wan Hazmer.

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Adrian_v011415d ago

Can we get German food too?

And didn't they say a few days ago that you'll be able to summon Titan. Now you can't?

DarkOcelet1415d ago

I believe he cant be summoned in the demo but will be summoned in the game and i wonder if the cooking will affect the party like in Tales of Vesperia, that will be great.

levian1415d ago

Yea, that comment is completely wrong. I read in a different interview that Titan won't be usable in the demo because something something it's integral to the plot, so we're going to be given access to one that isn't. Don't know which at the moment.

Adrian_v011414d ago

@levian @DarkOcelet & @Hammad

It says nothing about the info being tied to the demo. The interview was about the upcoming game, not the demo. It's the same with Noctis being the only playable character. First everyone assumed this is only bound to the demo but now we know it's in the final version.

levian1414d ago


It has to be talking about the demo regardless of whether or not it says it. Take a look at this

Tabata: I guess so. Well, that... That's Titan. And it's a summon, and we're planning on it being usable at that size, but with summons in XV – you saw them fighting Titan [in the trailer] – you have to fight them like that, or you obtain them in other ways. Basically, you're going to obtain them through different methods.

Host: I see.

Tabata: And, well, talking about Titan, we actually wanted to put it in the demo and let players actually use it and talk about that.

Hote: Yes.

Tabata: Unfortunately, it turns out Titan is a summon that plays a rather important role in the plot, so we're putting a different summon in Episode Duscae to show players what happens when you tame one or when you use one. So we're putting the prototype of the summon system in the demo, so I hope people can actually try it out and see what it's like.

HammadTheBeast1415d ago

You can summon in full game, not in the demo.

Dabigsiebowski1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

My number one anticipated game ever since the announcement in 2006. The long delay could pay off if square delivers what fans want. Please don't chop up content for dlc or even worse "coff" sequels squ enix and we could have a new final fantasy which possibly might contend with the classics. Still wish this was Sony exclusive to get the full power out of the machine but it should be stellar none the less.... Please consider FFXVI as a PS4 exclusive and really let it pay off in terms of tech and loyal consumer.

Tetsujin1415d ago

My hype for the game died off, at this point if/when it does get released, I'll think about playing it.

MeteorPanda1415d ago

YAY! micromanagement! l love that smaller details, gotta farm so many ingredients for deh best foods!

Inception1415d ago

Tales series did it first with making food and ingredients. In japan, Namdai even made a cafe that serve foods from Tales series. And now looks like FF followed it too.

MeteorPanda1415d ago

please don't start that...who did what first is irreverent to me. Also any micromanagement makes me a happy camper really.

FACTUAL evidence1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Not too familiar with tales series, but in 2002 a game called legaia 2: dual saga did the whole camping/food system. You also created better weapons once you camped if you had the materials.

Squall_231415d ago

Fix : you can't summon the titan in the -demo- not the full game ..

Viryu1415d ago

I hope Bahamut will look as awesome as always.

DarkOcelet1415d ago

I also hope Gilgamesh makes a comeback in this one , he was such a disappointment in the dlc in XIII-2, i want to steal his items again like in XII :).

NoctisPendragon1415d ago

I think you ll love the Gilgamesh from FF Type 0.

levian1415d ago


That makes me very happy! I don't know much about Type 0, but I'm really looking forward to it.

NoctisPendragon1415d ago

i didnt like the Bahamut in FF XIII-2 , he wasnt even a bird .

HammadTheBeast1415d ago

I hope he'll be the Final Fantasy IX type one.

Viryu1415d ago


I kinda like Bahamut Zero from FFVII most, multiple pairs of wings are always awesome. FFIX is also smecksy though.

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