Top 5 Most-Useful Masks in Majora’s Mask

ZD: "Hey there, guys! Long time no see, eh? I haven’t made an editorial in quite a while, and I’ve felt pretty bad about that. So sorry! But I’m here now, so let’s get to it! Majora’s Mask 3D is releasing Spring 2015, that’s only a few months away. So what better way to commend to the glorious remake, than to write an editorial about it? When you think of Majora’s Mask, what do you think of? The adventure? The characters? Or (hidden in plain sight) the masks? We’re going to look through all the some of the best masks in the game. Ones that are ‘Most-useful’, to say the least. Press the Jump to start.

Of course, we need to start the list with a pretty iconic mask. Now, none of these are in particular order, these are only the top 5. All of them are equally great in their own way."

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pasta_spice2022d ago

The Zora mask was my favourite. Zora Link had the best and most fluid swimming controls I've ever seen in a game.