Far Cry 4 Originally Had A Huge DLC For The Alternate Ending, "Unlikely" To Release Anytime Soon

Far Cry 4 released earlier this year to somewhat mixed reviews and since then there has been speculation surrounding the multiple endings that you can achieve in the game and what could come in the future.

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Neixus1391d ago

Ofcourse it was going to be a DLC.. smh Ubisoft.

I'd play it though, but would not pay for it

chrish19901391d ago

I think in this case the dlc would be fair if it was a full blown single player thing, akin to blood dragon

Ripsta7th1391d ago

Says alternate ending though, meaning it would be the main story

chrish19901391d ago

Hmm, yeah I see your point, but then it could be argued that Rockstar's Episodes from Liberty City shouldn't have been DLC. (Still remains my favourite and best value DLC to date.)

I think it just depends on what you feel is fair to pay for I suppose.

Aloren1390d ago

The reviews didn't seem all that mixed to me.

XXXL1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Great game. I've been taking my time with it, just captured De Pleur and conquered his fort.

icerob1390d ago

awesome game!! co-op is a blast! around 40 hours played.. ;)