7 Video Game Series That Come Every Year with Almost Same Content

Once a time when video game releases were more amazing, this was a time when the publication of a sequel was a shock for the gamers, somewhat of their expectations. Now a days Gaming lovers doesn’t like this too much and as a result, some games look set to be released over and over again for the predictable future.

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Gamingchange1393d ago

They have to put some thing new in these games they almost repeat almost 80 to 90 percent in every game

Dreaming-Art1393d ago

i am really very disappointed with Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed

AHK1393d ago

You are disappointed with two of top game series
its amazing

Stupid1393d ago

Assassin's Creed series was good but Unity ruined the series

HeavenlySnipes1393d ago

They are literally making shit up as they go

The subplot of the series is broken and disjointed, and the overall gameplay hasn't grown much at all from Assassin's Creed 2 till Unity. Combat is still shallow and easy to master and stealth is a joke

shloobmm31393d ago

Then you haven't played Unity. It is one of the better games in the series.

Hamzaali1393d ago

hate Lego Game every time

DeviDavil1393d ago

Hate those who hates Lego
so i hate you mr hamzaali

Hamzaali1393d ago

ofcourse you can hate me . its your right mr

Illusive_Man1393d ago

My sons love them. Every game isn't for you.

Jerrymonics1393d ago

lol just dance .. have you played this game ever?

LeviniGogii1393d ago

FIFA .. this is only the one game comes with same content every year. buls**T

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The story is too old to be commented.