Wii U Sales Top 8 Million Worldwide

Nintendo's 8th generation home console, the Wii U, has seen a boost in sales in recent weeks due to the holiday season as well as the success of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The game has nearly sold two million units worldwide.

The Wii U has now sold more than eight million units worldwide, with sales of 8.22 million units. The console hit this milestone for the week ending December 13, 2014, where it ended up selling 220,529 units.

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Jughead34161389d ago

That's what I'm sayin. A picture of Mario stomping on all other systems like the Wii U is outselliing them all right now. It's a shame how a system that's been out for a year longer than PS4 and XBOX ONE has already fallen behind by millions. Nintendo fanboys trying to spin it to make it look like this is cool is shameful.

AJBACK2FRAG1389d ago

Keep clinging to the Wii U's year head start, which was dismal!!!! By the end of this generation that' s all you'll have to cling to!!!!!

Jughead34161389d ago

What are you talking about? Are you insinuating that the Wii U will overtake PS4 and XBOX eventually? The Wii U is a cool system, but it can't compete with the other consoles. Not only is it underpowered (last gen standards), but most importantly, it has no developer support (DON'T SAY IT DOES). Not only will the Wii U not get the PS4 and XBOX exclusives, but also almost no multiplatform titles. Look at 2015. It's like, if it's not made by Nintendo, it's not coming to Wii U.

kwandar1389d ago

@Jughead3416 He could very well be insinuating that the Wii U will overtake the PS4 and Xbox eventually. Not saying it will happen, but history could always repeat itself. Just take a look at the PS3.

By the end of 2008 most people were writing the PS3 off due to its dismal sales, yet in the end it won.

I'd also point out that Nintendo can also bring a Wii U plus to market, basically the Wii U on an 8 core Expresso core with 12nm silicon, using the existing power supply and gamepad. Cost to Nintendo would be well under $100, it could provide more power than the dual Jaguars, and would be highly disruptive to the market.

All that said, the picture was a poor (likely unwitting) choice, but my point is that things can change.

I'll choose my system(s) based on games.

Jughead34161389d ago

@Kwandar - I respect your opinion. You don't agree with me, but it's all good. But dude, how can you talk about choosing a system based on its games, when the main problem with the Wii U is its lack of games? The few games they have are pretty good, but it's like how many times can you save the Princess man? I hope this system starts doing better because I feel like I wasted my money so far.

Kumomeme1389d ago

what a douche to be shaken by headline picture

everyone should know that this one of method to attract readers

everyone suddenly getting raged over obvious things.. LOL

TedCruzsTaint1389d ago

"The Wii U is a cool system, but it can't compete with the other consoles. Not only is it underpowered (last gen standards), but most importantly, it has no developer support"

Same could be said about the original Wii, but it ran laps around the competition.
Not saying you are wrong, considering I don't see it placing better than 2nd this gen, but your reasoning is severely flawed.

r2oB1389d ago

@ kwandar

By 2008, at its second year on the market, the PS3 had almost double the sales the WiiU had in the same time frame (16 million vs. 8 million). You call that dismal? The PS3 sold well from the start, much better than the WiiU by comparison, which is why it was able to dwindle the year headstart Microsoft had. You have no clue what you are talking about. Even the GameCube had more than 8 million consoles sold after being on he market for 2 years.

frezhblunts1389d ago

Jughead sorry but the games are what attracted me to the wii u. I have a ps4 and wii u and I am 24. I have more games on my wii u than my ps4 ( not counting free games), the games are just better so far on the wii u when it comes to how fun they are. I see people talk about power and blah blah, i can say that wii u resolution for games are becoming more on par with ps4, like smash bros at 1080p 60fps. My ps4 freezes and hiccups way more than my wii u plus I already had to change the r2 button on my ps4 controller. I do like my ps4 too just trying to shed some light on the haters

slivery1388d ago


Screw that, what is with you people wanting Nintendo dump the Wii U so quickly? It's crazy.

Only with the Wii U do you see this kind of dumb talk. You never see Xbox One fans or PS4 fans sitting around wishing they could already replace their consoles, or how they want a upgraded version so soon.

I for one won't be buying another Nintendo console if they seriously do anything of the sort and just abandon the Wii U. I didn't pay for this system just for it be pushed aside. The New 3DS crap is enough thanks, but at least the 3DS had been out longer.

They are more than welcome to put that into their next console, but an upgraded Wii U and trying to let that fly just won't happen. It would show Nintendo has no faith in their products if they were to do this, let alone that they aren't willing to support them. Then what? Nintendo releases the Wii U plus and Microsoft and Sony still trump it again with their next consoles? Does that mean we need the Wii U Plus+ asap? I just don't understand the logic, one system is always going to be better than the rest hardware wise so people need to just accept this, doesn't mean every time you end up with the under powered system you scream upgrade! I need to beat Sony and Microsoft now!

This isn't the iPhone or Samsung we're talking about here, these are consoles that should last.

I don't see why anyone would want a future where we literally have consoles being changed so quickly, get a gaming PC then if that is going to be the case.

How would that go with developers also? I mean developers are already staying away from the Wii U now, do you think they'd be happy if Nintendo completely changed their hardware so quickly? Especially Nintendo's team itself? The Wii U is finally picking up a little steam so abandoning the system would be the worst thing Nintendo could do in my opinion.

I sure as hell will lose a lot of faith in Nintendo if that were to happen. Especially funny when it was Nintendo fans who said power doesn't matter how fast did that philosophy change once people started getting HD Nintendo games.. Now the Wii U needs to better than the PS4 and Xbox One, now graphics matter all the sudden to so many Nintendo fans who said it didn't before.

You even have moronic fans arguing that the Wii U has the most graphically advanced games this gen. It's just stupid.

kwandar1388d ago

Oh .. that started some comments :)

@Jughead - "main problem with the Wii U is its lack of games" I'd disagree with you. I have almost too many really good games at the moment. Few third party titles just Deus Ex and AC4, but with 2 Bayos, Smash, MarioKart (which kills time!) and a discounted Darksiders2, seriously - I'm out of time at the moment. I think compared to PS4 and Xbox1 there is more content at the moment. My PS3 meanwhile sits idle.

@r20B - I didn't call it dismal, the media at that time were. They were suggesting the PS3 should be written off. Go take a look at news articles from that period.

@Slivery - Did you reject the WiiMote Plus? It would only work with certain games too, and I don't see the difference. By the time 2016 rolled around and they did this, there would be a substantial library and I still suspect that 80% of the games would only require an original Wii U.

If more power actually helps third parties bring their product to the Wii U, I have no objection - and we can all choose.

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Nathan1701389d ago

So sad that Wii U and gamecube have such low sales.

AKR1389d ago

"Low" sales don't equate to lost profit.

It doesn't have to sell at the same rate as the PS4 or XBO to be considered a success. As long as it's making Nintendo money (which it is) - then that's all that matters.

DarkAstronaut1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

What are you talking about?

Nintendo Reports a Loss of $457 Million, 3DS and Wii U Both Fall Short

Nintendo loses another $97M despite increasing Wii U sales

The Wii U is dead in its current form, admits Nintendo. But what now?

In no world does developing and selling 8 million consoles provide profit. Get real.

Nintendo will not be losing money on Wii U anymore

It's not that simple, you have to factor in R&D and software development, which the software doesn't sell well due to the install base.


They are all from 2014...and I don't hate any system.

wonderfulmonkeyman1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

@ Dark

The first two are old news that has since been replaced by the fact that Nintendo is making up their losses and isn't taking one per system sold anymore.[Not to mention the hoard of cash that Amiibo's are slowly building, on top of great software sales]

The third is just hyperbole that takes shit out of context for the sake of a non-existent point that Nintendo never directly said.

We get that you hate the Wii U, dude, but quit sh*t-posting over it.

andrewer1389d ago

@DarkAstronaut ofc it won't just halt at 8kk, and also I remember something about Nintendo's net worth being greater than Sony's in the beginning of the year, so even if they're not above Sony anymore, relax, they'll be fine. Specially with Zelda coming out next year - there are LOTS of people just waiting for it to buy a Wii U...

DarkAstronaut1389d ago


No where did I say Nintendo didn't have tons of money, the Wii and DS made alot for them. I'm talking about the Wii U.

jholden32491389d ago


And, this is current news. Everyone knows the first year was rough. But apparently things have turned around.

DarkAstronaut1389d ago


From your link

"We’re not going to say we don’t believe a source as prestigious as Bloomberg, but… we don’t believe them. We’re pretty sure when they say amiibos will make $1 billion in the US this year they actually mean ¥1 billion. But considering that’s $8.2 million it’s still a huge achievement for something that only launched at the end of last month."

8.2 million.

"Nintendo usually always makes a profit no matter how well or badly their games and hardware sell, but the last few years have broken that tradition – and even just last year they lost ¥23.2 billion ($193 million)."

193 million.

Jughead34161389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

@AKR - Everyone knows that Nintendo has a lot of money. But it's certainly not because of the Wii U.

andrewer1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

@DarkAstronaut but the articles did say Nintendo was losing money as a whole and that it was dangerous. If these articles didn't state your opinion why you put them?

InTheLab1389d ago

I honest to god would love for the wiiu to catch at least the Bone for the sake of never having to read a statement like this again.

Lowe sales don't equal lost profit? You Nintendo guys say the most off the wall craziness on this site and have zero evidence to back it up.

The only thing that has saved Nintendo for the last 4 generations is their handhelds and the fluke that was the wii. Any article you find for the wiiu,gc,and n64 will tell you that N made money on the handhelds which earned them their profit for that gen.

AKR1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


No, that's not the case. You completely took my comment out of context. Try again.

The Wii U may be selling less than the other systems, but IT'S STILL MAKING MONEY. That was my point. If you read any articles about the N64, or GC, you will see that they made a profit off of both those systems as well. It wasn't just their handhelds. Their only financial failure was the Virtual Boy, and it ends there.

Concertoine1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )


Nintendo made a profit in their last report, why not post that?

Its a small profit, but a profit nonetheless.
And with the amiibo and Wii U software and hardware sales at record highs, they're on track to meet their estimate for the FY, which is a profit.

I usually agree with you, but your fair share BS. I remember you saying Infamous SS (out for 10 months) outsold bayonetta 2 (out for 2 months), Donkey Kong, and Mario Kart 8 combined which is not only a flat out lie, but far from the truth. MK is well over 3 million with Infamous just over 2 million.

Im gonna get super literal with you :P 64DD says hi

frezhblunts1389d ago

LOL dark seriously? They have had an already on this site already saying that wii u is making a profit now

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Sincere01211389d ago

So happy that they are offering the best quality games this gen despite sales.

DragoonsScaleLegends1389d ago

The GameCube had way more good games though.

AJBACK2FRAG1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

Nintendo made a bundle with the GBA GCN tag team!!! The first Xbox, Xbox uhm Zero I don't know lol came in second place but lost four billion dollars! Congatulations!!! I guess??!!!! PS2 won but Apple came around and destroyed their portable cd business!!!! Sony is bleeding to death now. Congratulations!!!!!

Loadedklip1388d ago

LittlE to no third party support will do that to you.

The original Wii got away with it thanks to the casual gamers who fell in love with Wii sports Wii fit Just Dance, etc etc

Bu those casuals have moved on to smartphones and tablets.

To get core gamers to buy your system. .. you need GTA, Battlefield, Tomb Raider, CoD, FiFa, Madden, Need for Speed, fill in the blank third party franchise all on your system.

Nintendo has to fix their relations with all the major third party publishers if they want to sell more to the core gamers.

Locknuts1388d ago

Yep. Great systems. It didn't bother me so much in the Gamecube days but now with such an emphasis on online play it's kind of painful that none of my friends have a Wii U.

They're more than happy to play mine when they come over but they're PS casuals (COD and R* games are all they play), so it's good that the Wii U has local play but crap that I can't play online with mates.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1389d ago

One more step on a long road of profits, and that's just up to the 13th. Meaning it's not accounting for all those last-minute shoppers.

LightDiego1389d ago

Now with Amiibos, Nintendo will have a big party.

LOL_WUT1389d ago

Congrats to Nintendo certainly not the best numbers but just enough to make them some profit hopefully they can turn it around with their rumored upcoming console. ;)

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