Japanese Developers Select their Game of The Year for 2014

Japanese game developers have some definitely interesting taste in games, and about 140 of them named the games that most impressed them in 2004.

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Canary1417d ago

Weird that something like Beyond Earth would make the list, but not Original Sin or Wasteland 2 or Endless Legend.

Ranma11417d ago

I hope the Japanese never get a taste for FPS games.

i hate the FPS genre. Its its like a plague reducing variety in the video industry.

Svinya1417d ago

I could say the same for rpgs...

HammadTheBeast1417d ago

Then again, they could revitalize the genre. Instead of gritty, military fps games, think a anime-style fps rpg?

remixx1161417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


And how are RPGs a plague like FPSs, its probably the most diverse genre period.

This year I played, ys memories of celceta, persona 4 golden, rainbow moon, mass effect trilogy, skyrim and final fantasy 14 a realm reborn, all very different from another.

Canary1417d ago

You DO realize that Call of Duty is just as popular in Japan as it is in North America, right?

The "insurmountable cultural differences" between Japan and the West, at least insofar as games are concerned, are pretty damn indiscernible.

Kingdomcome2471417d ago

Games like Bioshock beg to differ.

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LightDiego1417d ago

My favorite games of the year are Watch Dogs, The Sims 4, TES Online, Thief, Lightning Returns, Sonic Boom, Unity and The Crew.

remixx1161417d ago

Lol I feel you homie, all GOTY contenders.

1417d ago
HammadTheBeast1417d ago

A 3DS RPG made by Level-5, so it has a cool art style and seems pretty good.

blackblades1417d ago

Everything I buy is my favorite so everything is game of the year. Lets see I bought 8 games this year, only 2 that was released this year. Also saved money 5 of them for $5 each, the others $20 each.

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