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"The video game industry has been experiencing high levels of traffic designed to disrupt connectivity and online gameplay. Multiple networks, including PSN, have been affected over the last 48 hours. PSN engineers are working hard to restore full network access and online gameplay as quickly as possible."

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nicksetzer11395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Still down for me. Hope they get it figured out, my friends and I have been down since christmas eve evening, with maybe 30 minutes of up time here and there.

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Summons751395d ago

Mines been fine all day. Yesterday it was fine too except between 8-10 then it was down but it was back up before 10:30. Christmas was the worst day, which is understandable considering how many people are getting new systems as gifts...typical Holiday.

SonyWarrior1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

this isnt typical... they were obviously hacked. They also prob had security conserns and shut down the server. They already admitted to a ddos attack but I bet theres more to the story then that since xbox live went online right after the attack ended yet ps4 psn still down days later with sony engineers working on it...

BattleAxe1395d ago

I haven't tried PSN today, but I was able to get online late lastnight, although none of my friends were online when I managed to login.

Live was back up and running yesterday, and today I've been playing Master Chief Collection co-op online for most of the afternoon. There are noticeable slow downs all throughout the Live service though.

Pogmathoin1395d ago

If Sony are seen to be struggling with this, they may find more attacks aimed at them.

Aleithian1395d ago

UK Daily Mail is reporting that 13,000 PSN accounts have been hacked and their information posted online, INCLUDING financial information. I can't even log in to change my details just in case...

Kayant1395d ago

Please stop spreading this. It's fake and old.

Aleithian1395d ago


I'm not "spreading" this - this is the first time I've posted it. The story is from 8am EST, which isn't "old."

If the story is fake, say why so we all know. It would certainly put my mind at rest regarding my account information.

madmonkey011395d ago

actually 13000 accounts in total, including many other services not just psn.

jb2271395d ago

A DDoS attack wouldn't allow for hacking, unless the culprits were able to do so while DDoS'ing, in which case, I will be highly pissed. They claim this is all about sticking it to Sony & MS and making them beef up security for their consumer's benefit, but if they turn around and do exactly that, the only people they are hurting are the ones they are pretending to protect. It's one thing to knock down an online service, its something much worse to put up people's info, these kids need to be caught and paraded through the streets before I'd be willing to associate a card w/ my psn account ever again. People like that deserve whatever harsh treatment life has given them to make them utter trash. Hope they either learn from their mistakes in life or die miserably lonely.

Kingdomcome2471395d ago

I'm not from the U.K.,but I've heard that the Daily Mail is about as credible as a tabloid.

Kayant1395d ago

One Anonymous doesn't attack sites and leak info. That's not what they do and it's not their account.

Two the info is said to be old -
And the link is dead now -

Ryan7411395d ago

Oh God, not again. This could finally sink PlayStation. #pray4sony #fortheprayers.

Nekroo911395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Next time learn to read it, it says 13,000 accounts from xbox live, psn, amazon, dell, porn websites etc

PlayStation Network
Xbox Live
Hulu Plus

Here are the websites

Emrage1395d ago


That PleaseBangMyWife tho.

Inception1395d ago

You can read right? It says 13000 account not just PSN but also Xlive, Amazon, etc. And dailymail are popular with gossip and fake news. I better trust my cat rather than trusting any news from dailymail.

Kingdomcome2471395d ago

@Nekroo91- There are about to be a lot of married men in hot water lol.

christian hour1395d ago

"Daily Mail"


You made a pigs ear, you made a mistake!

Honestly though, anytime someone outside the uk or ireland posts a link on here from the daily mail as a credible source, it's the most amusing chain of events ever, it's also the best thign ever because it reminds me of the Radiohead B-side, The Daily Mail, and then I get to listen to it again :D

Everyone, SING IT WITH ME!

"The moooOOOOONIES ARE UP! On the moooOOUntain, the lu-na-tics have taaaken ooover, the AASylum, waiting on the raaapture. Singing WEE-EE-EE-EE'RE HEEE-ERE, to keep you prices DOOOoown, Feeed you to the hooOOOunds, to the daaaily maaaail!"

Dee_911395d ago

aye let me get dat bangbros tho

feedthereaper1395d ago

Apparently most, if not all of those sites which were "hacked" were not even hacked, it was apparently malware that stole details from the owners computers.

It is also worth noting that they didn't just release 13K of passwords and credit card details, but also released a link to a free download of The Interview, which probably contains the same malware within it to then infect and eventually release even more passwords and credit card details in the future.

And I would also say that I live in the UK and The Daily Mail is a great source for getting a snippet of news, and very poor at actually giving you any relevant (or even truthful) information based on that snippet. The general feeling is that if there is something in The Daily Mail there is a small amount of truth to be had somewhere, but its best to go and research the true story from somewhere else because they take that snippet of truth and twist it in a way to put the fear of God into you for even breathing or to make companies/governments/celebrit ies look bad!

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HaveAsandwich1395d ago

update. its down. gotta go.

love, sony.

madmonkey011395d ago

the best system for playing your games offline is to have the disc.

that said, my psvita and ps3 are working fine, ps4 is having some issues still

JackBNimble1395d ago

But what difference does a digital copy vs disc copy make ? I can still play all my digital games with out an internet connection, even ps+ games.

feedthereaper1395d ago

Wrong, the best system for playing games offline is a board game or card game, that way you are not even relying on electricity to enable you to enjoy hours of entertainment. :P

FanboyKilla1395d ago

Im so pissed. I should be grareful that my xbl is up, but everytime i see live up, i get even more pissed. I want that dragon age from the flash sale. By the time psn comes back it will be over. U mutha beeeeep!!

PSN = playstation notwork.

Im sorry sony fanboys, im just upset. No hard feelings eh?

NegativeCreep4271395d ago

Well if everything you said is true, shouldn't you be on Xbox LIVE playing something instead of being on here trolling PlayStation Network articles???

JackBNimble1395d ago

funny, today I bought and I am in the middle of downloading Shadow of Mordor off the PSN.

RjK311jR1395d ago

i am unable to do the sale via their website but I am able to login with my ps4 and redeem the psn card codes i got for xmas!! just an fyi for anyone trying it just worked for me!

BABY-JEDI1395d ago

Well done. That was TROLLtastic. You should be proud of yourself for spreading all your sunshine throughout the world
; )

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MSBAUSTX1395d ago

Mine was completely down from Christams eve morning through this morning. Full 48 hours. It came up earlier but only parts of it and then went down again. When it comes back up it is only for a few minutes at best. Xbox Live is working perfectly fine since last night.

Muzikguy1395d ago

This pretty much seals of for me. As much as I love to get online and play games win people all over the world, I'm not paying for Plus anymore. The people that have only been down for 3 days I'm happy for you. I was down the day before Christmas Eve last I checked and it might have even been before that. I can't believe out of 5 days off I haven't been able to get online ONCE! This is disgusting.

Seems like some people don't have problems as much? Hey, maybe it's just in my area?! He's in Wisconsin guys!!!

blackblades1395d ago

Sorry to hear that, mines been working all day and most of the day. Don't know about christmas I was out most of the day. Hopefully everything is back to normal next week, guess those lizards kept there word. Another thing you don't need online to play a game ,its not big of the deal.

zero_gamer1395d ago

My PS4 has been down since Christmas Eve as well. I've been playing SP and earned plenty of trophies on a few games during the downtime. Now waiting to sync everything to my PSN.

jc121395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

honest question, how come microsoft has been able to handle these attacks so much more effectively than sony? I mean Xbox had sporadic connectivity on xmas eve and xmas morning, but its long since been restored. PSN has been full on dead in the water since xmas eve, with little to no exceptions. It just seems like their infrastructure is much more vulnerable.

I havnt been able to sign in to PSN since Xmas Eve day.

extermin8or1395d ago

Mines been fine all day and everyone is know is online too now, hard luck.

Muzikguy1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Holy sh!t I'm online!! Guy must have eaten too much Wisconsin cheese and had to hit the john....

PSN ID Muzikguy is on for the first time in 3 weeks!! O_O

Edit: all this time gave me a chance to finally play the single player portion of BF4. Not one of my favorites, but I had it since the release of the system!

360ICE1395d ago

Wooo! It's finally back for me. It's working well, too.

Seraphim1395d ago

mine went up about 4am last night. Got booted from Lego Marvel and lost over 250k studs. Woke up today out again. As of a few hours ago I was back on playing Destiny tho.

It's a shame these pricks who did this don't understand that it's hurting us more than Sony/MS.

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Applejack1395d ago

I still can't play any online games yet but I can sign in. At least fake Kaz can make me feel a little better and always make me laugh though!

GameSpawn1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Only the store (via console) and digital games that connect to the store (Far Cry 4) are inaccessible for me right now.

Edit: Nvm Far Cry 4 seams to be working today (wasn't yesterday).

GarrusVakarian1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

It was fine earlier today, I played a couple of hours of GTA Online before going out, but I got home around 2 hours ago and it's down again. Wtf?

Nykamari1395d ago

I was playing Destiny, swap to GTA and no go!!! Now I'm wasting money in this damned casino

johndoe112111395d ago

ps3 network is working fine. It seems that it's only the ps4 network that is down again.

DefenderOfDoom21395d ago

PS3 , Psn is working, but can not play DESTINY because it can not download patch. Getting error code "BOAR".

LOL_WUT1395d ago

Haven't been able to sign in to PSN for the past two days. Yesterday I got a message saying it was under maintenance not even the PS app works.

Xbox Live services are limited but its core service is up and running there really shouldn't be an excuse as to why PSN is offline when it's a paid service. ;)

Mikelarry1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Buhahaha I especially love this extract

"If you received a PlayStation console over the holidays and have been unable to log onto the network, know that this problem is temporary and is not caused by your game console"

As they know some gamers have been in outrage about how it must be the console and the xbox is not experiencing the same issues

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Playstation Network is larger than Xbox Live FYI.


Larger networks have more servers. Larger networks have more problems. Networks that are connected to smartphones, tablets, and internet tv's are more vulnerable to DDoS attacks than a network that doesn't have remote play, or an app that lets you run your console when you're not at home. You see the problem with PSN isn't security or infrastructure, PSN just has a large number of access points unlike Xbox Live. Discuss what you know, not what you think you know, you'll appear less foolish that way.

Mikelarry1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Ok what has that got to do with my comment. Some new gamers on different forums i have been on today have been blaming the console and me finding it funny that it seems sony are well aware of this that some might be blaming the box instead of the underlying issue


Again how does that relate to my comment, if there is someone appearing foolish its you.

Don't bother replying your comment is just making my headache worse

KingWookiee1395d ago

Always trying to find an excuse for Sony. Microsoft has 2 consoles on it plus anything Windows all running off the same servers, something happens to them and they are on it and fix it fast. Sony needs to do something about their servers.

KingWookiee1395d ago

And you talk about access points acting like Microsoft doesn't have a ton either... Surface, windows phones, Office 365, Outlook, and colleges that also uses outlook for their entire student body. There are more people accessing the Azure farm when compared to Sony. The fact that you think Sony has more people on its servers when compared to Microsoft is laughable and to quote you "Discuss what you know, not what you think you know, you'll appear less foolish that way."

MaximusTKG1395d ago


I don't think he is trying to defend Sony. He is simply stating that Sonys network has more actual access points.

WayneKerr1395d ago


You stupid Twat.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

@WayneKerr and No_Limit

*Playstation Network 110 million users*

Remote Play works with numerous smart devices that are themselves vulnerable access points.

*Xbox Live 48 million users*

"You stupid Twat."

I think you have me confused with that thing that gave birth to you.


Do you see the word Microsoft any where in this statement or do you see XBOX LIVE?

Cid331395d ago

Do you really believe that Sonys network is bigger then Microsoft???,,,, Really???? im an ps4 guy but im smart enough to know that Microsoft simply has better servers more experience and simply more people with experience in network security, ffs its Microsoft do you realize how big that company is? they make servers and firewalls

KingWookiee1395d ago

Those aren't active users... those are accounts created and those numbers were given back in 2013. Considering PSN was free on PS3 with no name changes, A LOT OF PEOPLE MADE NEW ACCOUNTS ALL THE TIME. You don't have actual facts to back up your claims to Sony's servers being under more stress than Microsoft's.

andibandit1395d ago


Your explanations of this situation are about as good as your constant defending of DriveClub and how it's the best game ever...


b00mFargl31395d ago

PSN had more users a long time ago but that doesn't mean that it's all gaming related. A few years back Sony claimed they were bigger than xbox live but that number was skewed slightly due to it being the overall number of accounts made. If you go to their website and create an account they counted that as a user. So your argument that their network is bigger may be true to some degree but it isn't what it's made out to be. Taking the 360 into consideration. The xbox still has more gaming related logins to servers and let's be real PSN has always been kind of a shit show when it comes to being vulnerable to attack.

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Th4Freak1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

It's not like the PSN users doubles the XBL users...

Anyways this isn't justificable, this has been happening for years now and Sony hasn't still got any protection to avoid DDOS attacks like Verisign or Black Lotus and the platform is a mess in general...


@IGiveHugs2NakedWomen First of all you may want to read my comment again because I said "avoid" DDOS attacks and not "stop", and second you have no proof that Sony is using Prolexic DDOS mitigation services, Sony is using Akamai services to PSN but you have no proof that they're also using Prolexic services, FYI Prolexic is a subsidiary company of Akamai they're not the same company and they don't offer the same services, that's like saying that because Playstation is a subsidiary of Sony every PS4 should be shipped with a Sony TV.

Now, in the hypothetical scenario that they're actually using Prolexic and their services are failing to what conclusion can you come? As I said before there are ways to avoid DDOS attacks, the problem is such services are very expensive when it comes to massive infraestructures like PSN, but if my memory isn't failing I remember that Sony said we would pay for online multiplayer because that money would be invested on improving the online platform, mind you, one year later...

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )


"Anyways this isn't justificable, this has been happening for years now and Sony hasn't still got any protection to avoid DDOS attacks like Verisign or Black Lotus and the platform is a mess in general... "

Completely false. Sony uses a company that specializes in mitigating (limiting, shortening the duration of, NOT STOPPING) DDoS attacks.

For those of you who still don't know what's involved in DDoS, stop posting comments and learn something about the topic before you make statements that make no sense. You can start by reading the information from the site in the link i've posted.

Xbox Live is not part of Azure or Microsoft's core network which works with windows and Playstation Network is larger and in more countries than Xbox Live, so please stop posting nonsense. I thank you in advance.


Akamai press release from 2006.

No_Limit1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )


"Xbox Live is not part of Azure or Microsoft's core network which works with windows and Playstation Network is larger and in more countries than Xbox Live, so please stop posting nonsense. I thank you in advance. "

LOL, please if you dont' know what you are talking about, please be quiet and don't spout out false information to the publicit.. will only hurt your already shaky reputation here on N4G.

This is from the official Microsoft site rearding XBL is indeed part of the Azure ecosystem.
"The Microsoft Xbox team recently introduced the Xbox One, an all-in-one entertainment system that you can use to play games, watch TV, listen to music, and more. To give users enhanced access to their Xbox One DVR video game clips, the Xbox team uses Windows Azure—a cloud platform that supports multiple console formats, scales up or down instantaneously, enhances security, and is available 99.99 percent of the time."

The other good news is Azure is ever expanding and Australian gamers recently been treated with a brand new local XBL Azure server in their country.
"Get ready for rock-solid multiplayer on your Xbox One, Australia, as local Azure data centres have opened up for games. Hurray!"

I bet the claim that the PS network is larger than the XBL network is all but debunked because Sony can only dream of having a server as big a Azure.

Caught another one..smh.

MSBAUSTX1395d ago


If Sony is paying someone to protect against this and yet it still happens and takes them twice as long to rectify the issue, they need to fire whomever it is that is stealing their money.

Summons751395d ago

Sorry bud but Xbox was down on Christmas too and was on and off yesterday too. Same with the WiiU. Holidays = shaky online for all systems, happens every year.

Mikelarry1395d ago

Never said it wasnt

Are ppl actually reading my comment or just assuming this is dig at thier console of choice and disagreeing and trying to tell me xbox was also down

RjK311jR1395d ago

in theory... idk why im commenting here, but in theory arent the Azure servers so large, that if a DdoS attack were to occur, couldnt MS just migrate or route to other servers that arent being attacked or am i far fetched... im not computer wiz so be easy on me