Platinum Teases Something Bayonetta-related, Why it Could and Should be Bayonetta 3

Having seen how much people have raved about the game, Nintendo could make a larger marketing push, and some kind of Wii U + Bayonetta 3 bundle to sweeten the deal and get people on board.

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ValKilmer2022d ago

Bayonetta 2 is reaping up the GOTY awards. It's going to get some serious backend success in the coming months and a Bayonetta 3 could be like a Halo 3 in terms of excitement come late 2015/2016.

Abash2022d ago

.... Bayonetta 3 would need an advertising campaign that has hundreds of millions of dollars put into it like Halo 3 did to get that excitement

vishmarx2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

not to mention bayo 2 just released 2 months ago and these sales are definitely not encouraging enough for them to instantly start working on 3.
and jesus no.stop comparing the hype to a halo game
its bayonetta and its not nearly as big as youd like to some sense into that guy

also , i didnt see it 'reap' GOTYs either.not that they matter but all i saw was nominations

its like the dude is in a world of his own

wonderfulmonkeyman2022d ago

I doubt that Microsoft has spent that much on advertisement for Halo 3...

But irregardless, what makes you think that Bay 3 CAN'T get to be just as popular?
Bay 2 was the best action game of 2014; a sequel to it after all that acclaim, with the right kind of advertisement, could easily raise its status to being outside of just another niche Platinum title.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2022d ago

I like bayonetta but Halo 3 is a STRETCH.

Gamer19822022d ago

The fact is as many great reviews as the game got (B2) it sold horribly because it was restricted to WiiU. It's not even sold half a million worldwide. The first game sold poor too its why they didn't bother with a sequel earlier. I don't get the gaming world why do they keep asking for games they don't even bloody buy?? The only thing Beyonetta related this news could be is DLC in my opinion. Or it may come to other platforms after a deal with Nintendo to do so.

Sevir2022d ago

The first game sold 3.1 million between Xbox 360 and PS3. Bayo 2 hasn't even cracked half a million on the Wii U yet.

Bayo sold 1.9 million on Xbox 360 and 1.2 million on PS3 and they said it sold poorly. Platinum is just weird. Bayo 2 would have sold well on Pas4 and XBO.

wonderfulmonkeyman2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Does anyone have the latest sales record for it?
Because it's close to half a mil, and it's doing so before the 6 month mark, which is a good accomplishment no matter how you spin it considering the size of the install base it's got to work with.

The biggest reason it's not selling even bigger numbers, though, is because of all the salty "true fans" of the series that either refused to get it due to the system its on, or are foolishly waiting for "the inevitable port" despite Kamiya telling them multiple times that it's Nintendo's decision on whether or not it ever gets released elsewhere.

If even a third of those so-called "true fans" put their stupid console loyalties aside and got the system for all the great games its got going for it, Bay 2 would easily be past the million mark by now.

Also, @ Sevir;
Sony and Microsoft disagree with your assertion; they didn't even want to fund Bay 2.

kwandar2022d ago

Okay, lets put "sold horribly" in context.

Bayo 2 sold about 450,000 on a base of 7MM Wii Us - or about 6.5% of the base.

That is a pretty high attach rate for a "mature" game.

@Sevir - the 3.1 million was over what time period? But even saying it was 6 months, you need to consider the install base too. rior to Bayo 1 launching there were 35 Million PS3's and Xbox 360 was over 50 Million. Lemme see .. (3.1/(35+50))=3.6% ... thought so. Far higher attach on Wii U.

Activemessiah2022d ago

It's already announced for the Xbone.

iplay1up22022d ago

No it really has not been announced for XB1, I just googled it. The developers said "its Nintendo's call" if they want to release it on another system.

Do you think Nintendo is stupid enough to fund a game that has a cult following, and then release it on other systems? Not going to happen.

Nintendo may not have much third party support, but they have a hell of allot of exclusive content.

Where did you even get then idea it was going to be on XBox????

Activemessiah2022d ago

@GotHDGame I was referring to Scalebound dude..

scark922022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Probably Scalelessbound for PS4 *Ba Dum Tsk*

Though in all seriousness I cannot wait to see how Scalebound looks, Alot of Platnuim's Games have similarities and I want to see how they structure this new IP

I wonder if they are teasing a new IP!

Activemessiah2022d ago

Personally I think they should save Bayo 3 for the next gen console instead of the Wii U... *shrugs*

Metallox2022d ago

Whatever, I just hope we get more entries in the series.

crashbash2022d ago

If they make profit from Bayo 2 then it won't be a problem either way.

Gamer19822022d ago

they surely havnt made a profit on less than 1/2 million sales and you can see why 1/3 partys avoid wiiu. It was exclusive and a +9/10 game yet still couldnt even push 1/2 million as it wasn't 1st party. People buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games and that sucks for Nintendo.

crashbash2022d ago

Yeah? How much have they spent on the game, do you know? What do you know about the profit on the game?

The game wouldn't have been made without Nintendo, the first game wasn't exclusive and it was on two platforms that had sold millions more and wasn't profitable.

They didn't make enough and it was multiplatform.

Why do you feel it would be different now? Because it's on a platform you don't own?

Funny how that works.

Vegamyster2022d ago

Next-gen ='s the companies successor to the previous console, the Wii-U, PS4 & Xbox One are all current gen consoles.

The only reason there was a second game was due to Nintendo funding it, i highly doubt Sony/MS would be interested in funding the 3rd game if Nintendo hasn't already.

Summons752022d ago

Ugh, I don't want to wait 5-7 years for the next game....the past five were hard enough. No thanks Bayonetta 2 was amazing and I will gladly play a 3rd game on the WiiU. Sorry you're butthurt because it's exclusive.

iplay1up22022d ago

Uh, so wait for PS5,XBox2, and Wii U 2? The Wii U is current gen.

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WeAreLegion2022d ago

I would love to see Platinum create amazing stories, like many of them used to do at Clover/Capcom. They create some of the best games in the industry, but I'd love to see great stories to complement that gameplay.

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