Deal alert: Microsoft selling white Xbox One console in the UK for £310 (£90 off)

If you have been a little miffed with Microsoft for offering so many enticing deals to folks living in the United States and not as many for people living in the UK, the company wants to make it up to you. After announcing great discounts on Xbox One gaming console in the United States, the Redmond-based company is now offering a whopping £90 off on the white Xbox One bundles. The bundle, you should note, doesn't include the motion detection system Kinect. You can buy it separately, if required.

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DarkAstronaut1391d ago

I love the look of the white Xbox One, that's the one I'll get when I get one.

MeliMel1391d ago

Yeah let us know when you get one..

Raiden1391d ago

This is so cool, MS should keep the all the prices as set price and at E3 make some big game announcement that is in house first party, most be addictive, funny and as a bundle plus one or two games.

Applejack1391d ago

I think that might be a bit much. Keeping the prices the same would be more than enough for most but who knows.

Illusive_Man1391d ago

Halo 5 beta trailer has a hint price will remain $349. It says get the Halo 5 beta on Xbox One now $349.

qwerty6761391d ago

microsoft needs to make more of the white ones

that sunset bundle would have blown off the shelves this Christmas.

green1391d ago

If I am not mistaking, the White xbox one was never £400 but £350 in the UK. That would make it £40 off and not £90.

TheHaydenator1391d ago

they were probably selling it at £400 from the ms store