UK Weekly Charts, 13th December 2014

UK Hardware by Platform:
XOne 63,489 (-15%) 1,324,757
PS4 62,538 (-15%) 1,662,298
3DS 31,772 (+1%) 2,647,482
WiiU 11,107 (+5%) 384,633
X360 9,320 (+15%) 8,989,973
PS3 6,866 (+11%) 5,996,680
PSV 2,693 (-4%) 510,895
Wii 434 (-4%) 8,646,104

UK Software:
1 Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
2 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (XOne)
3 FIFA 15 (PS4)
4 FIFA 15 (X360)
5 Grand Theft Auto V (XOne)

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DarkAstronaut2024d ago

Again, Due to consistent PS4 undertracking and Xbox One overtracking, the PS4 is probably on top in UK.

DarkOcelet2024d ago

Yeah, i very much doubt the Xone has higher numbers than the PS4 in UK and its good to see GTAV doing well on the new consoles, honestly i never thought it would sell 5 millions on the new gen but nonetheless congrats Rockstar for a great game.

SpringHeeledJack2024d ago

Amazon has constantly had ps4 infront of xbox one, even ps4 controllers was selling better than it and game sales are dominated by ps4 software yet vg chartz somehow makes out xbox one outsold ps4 lol. What the...

PeaSFor2024d ago

shhhhhhhhhh, .....can you hear it? ..that weird noise?

oh nevermind, its just Foehammer sharting in his pants because of his blatant insecurity.

mikeslemonade2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

lol at people posting the news items about the only two territorries where X1 is currently outselling PS4.

PS4 wins worldwide, end of story!

The recent news have led the novices to believe that X1 has already won the U.S. The fact is PS4 has beaten the X1 every month worldwide PERIOD. And that means more games for PS4 and less for X1.

FITgamer2024d ago

I don't know if Amazon is as big in the UK as the US, but the Xbox One isn't even in the top 100 for December while there is two PS4 sku on the list. So i doubt these numbers.

FriedGoat2024d ago

Amazon is huge in the uk.

Illusive_Man2023d ago

Actually Xbox One is listed at 5 and PS4 is at 8.

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jmetalhead98122024d ago

Does help you make it through your day? Both are doing very well. Who gives a crap who's winning? Just enjoy your console nerd

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Foehammer2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Congrats X1, another UK win

Look at Forza 5 in spot 26, still selling on the chart MORE than a year after launch. Talk about having legs.

Edit, Ok DarkOcelet, congrats MS, and standby for incoming excuses.

DarkOcelet2024d ago

You should congratulate MS not the X1, its like talking to a toaster lol :P

bleedsoe9mm2024d ago

congratulating either is like talking to the toaster or the machine that manufactured the toaster

Omran2024d ago

incoming excuses coming from xbox fanboys,they said that the xbox didn't launch in many countries and because of that the ps4 is outselling the xbox lol !

nowadays it's different because microsoft gives 5 games for free to top the charts, and they reduced the price and that's ok because the xbox is the entertainment system all in one and better than the ps4 so it should outsell the PS4 and the ps4 sell well because the price and the hype this logic was used before by xbox fanboys :)

No_Limit2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"nowadays it's different because microsoft gives 5 games for free to top the charts"

So, like this PS4 bundle in the UK then? Gotcha. :) PS4 Bundle with 5 Newest AAA Games and a Blu-ray for just £399.99

Ikki_Phoenix2024d ago

MS didnt "win" uk
but hey whatever makes u sleep at night

and oh..driveclub outsell forza everyday

DanzoSAMA2024d ago

lol, plz don't compare high quality game like Forza with Driveflop.

Ikki_Phoenix2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

DanzoSAMA ah but still a broken game like "driveflop" manage to outsell forza with such eaze...god dam poor i feel bad for you forza fans "FH2 less than 500k"

you all talk big about this game and all and still...the game simply doesnt sell well enough,
less talking more buying kk ?

Mechanism2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

he still uses the 42 countries gag like MS was given some kind of handicap in the sense that they weren't allowed to sell in those countries.. Just shows how flat out ignorant the misterx followers are.

And to all the typically ignorant underneath who accuse PS4 owners for hypocrisy when agreeing when PS4 is in the lead from vgchartz - the only reason PS4 owners suspect the PS4 is in the lead when vgchartz says it is, is because the PS4 is ALWAYS under-tracked by this MS fanboy from the site.

Show me when he has over tracked the PS4, go on? Because I will show you 100 times where he has over-tracked the MS products.

You guys need to get your act together, because you are not making much sense.

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PoSTedUP2024d ago

woo hoo, 1k lead the price cut is really doing its job.

MS should be concerned.

Ps4andxb12024d ago

The xb1 leads for these stats.

Therefore vgchartz is wrong again.


The first comment is hilarious.

So is n4g.


gamerfan09092024d ago

Funny thing about these trolls that discredit VGchartz is that they cite the site to make their arguments. They only discredit the site when its positive news on the XB1. It's crazy how so many people want this box to fail and hundreds of engineers, developers, beta testers, ect to be out of jobs. They really and truly want a monopoly in the gaming market and they think that's healthy.

madmonkey012024d ago

no they are called out every time, if it was only mention when it showed xbox leading, it would hardly ever get mentioned.

Spotie2024d ago

It's always wrong. Nobody takes them for real numbers.

Stop saying the same stupid crap every time. It gets annoying to see people so damn wrong every time, especially when it's intentional.

2024d ago
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