Iwata Saw Miyamoto As A Rival When He First Started Out

Shigeru Miyamoto is arguably the world's most famous game designer, and not someone you'd want to set yourself against in a professional capacity.

However, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted in a recently-translated interview with 4Gamer that when he was starting out in the industry, he decided to make Mario's dad his rival:

"So, I have this strange sense of duty regarding the codifying of the 'Miyamoto Methodology', because I feel like it would be useful to the game industry if you could put it into words. I started up a project similar to 'Iwata Asks' for that purpose. And, of course, wanted to see it put into words so I could understand it too, because back when I was just starting out, I sort of arbitrarily decided that Miyamoto was my rival, though that's embarrassing to admit now.

Would you believe that for a long time I'd just decided within myself, completely arbitrarily and not at all reciprocated, that he was my rival and I wanted to do something to just give him hell."

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FromTheAshes1417d ago

Interestingly enough the apparent rumor Miyamoto must've seen the old Rare as a rival when they made Donkey Kong Country is 1994.

That's what inspired his graphical art style of Yoshi's Island as he didn't want to make a pre-rendered side scroller like DKC.

All in all competition breeds innovation.

DragoonsScaleLegends1417d ago

He said Donkey Kong Country was an example of graphics over gameplay which is a really stupid comment to me. That game is one of the best platform games I have ever played. I also think the gameplay has still not been rivalled to this day when it comes to their newest Donkey Kong Country games. The original just plays better than DKC Tropical Freeze.

FromTheAshes1417d ago

That rumor was actually proven to be false. He claimed he liked Donkey Kong Country.

I still think he might've seen Rare as a threat to his legacy regardless of if he claimed so or not.

It's also hard to believe developers like Notch are worth 2.5 billion while Miyamoto...The FATHER of platform games is only worth 40 million. Insanity.

Linkz9731416d ago

yeah that comment on how he is worth only millions and notch is worth billions just made me depressed about humanity :/

FromTheAshes1416d ago


I here you on that one. It's crazy considering all Miyamoto has contributed to gaming for the last 3 decades.

DragoonsScaleLegends1417d ago

Yeah but I wouldn't compare notch/mojang just to him but all of Nintendo and then you see which is worth more. If he was the direct owner of Mario and all of his creations he would be worth way more but Nintendo owns them all.

MrSwankSinatra1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Actually Peer Schneider from IGN recently talked on Nintendo Voice Chat about how he did an interview with both Miyamoto and one of the Stamper bros. and he said that Miyamoto was very vulgar about DKC.

FromTheAshes1417d ago

Wow. I kinda feel it may be true. DKC was and still is a great game.

I know that when it was released it stole quite a bit of Miyamoto's thunder. So I wouldn't be surprised if his vulgarity was true.

Linkz9731416d ago

I dont know why but I can't picture him being vulgar he is always shown like in a wise happy guy I can't picture him pissed lolz