Linking Masks and Majora - Possession in Majora’s Mask and Noh Theatre

ZI: Based on its title alone, it can be assumed that at least one mask in Majora’s Mask will play an important role in the game. Within an hour of play, however, we find out just how prominent and important the motif of masks is in this game. Masks are everywhere: in the opening sequence, hanging on walls, worn upon peoples’ faces, given as gifts. Even the major bosses of the game are described as being “masked” in their onscreen descriptions. The person who assigns to Link and the player the major task of the game – to retrieve Majora’s Mask from Skull Kid – is called the “Happy Mask Salesman.” There are twenty-four obtainable masks in the game, each with a different purpose and effect. Some are used for side quests that yield a life energy increasing heart piece while others transform Link into a completely different species giving him a new body and new abilities.

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