5 PS4 games that defined Sony's next-gen console in its first year

PSU takes a look at the five games that defined Sony's console in its first year.

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XisThatKid1417d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall is STILL one of the best looking games on the console to date imo.

Xof1417d ago

I would say that the PS4's first year has largely been defined by multiplatform games, oldgen ports, and an absence of basic feature ranging from small things like content organization/sorting to big stuff like media playback and b/c.

XisThatKid1417d ago

Although most of those things are present in the year I wouldn't say it "defined" this year for the console.

Killzone, Second Son, LittleBig Planet 3, Guilty Gear, The slew of First look BETAs for PS4, dozens of exclusive Indies and Excl DLCs, Also timed exclusives like AwesomeNauts among others. There was some opinions about them but alot enjoyed them only on PS4
Ports and remasters:
These are great games on their previous consoles now coming from the lack of features argument, Alot of people wanted to game on one platform so The HD remake or definitive edition was made to relive these modern classics in full HD with added features alot of these games deserving another chance to reach gamers that didn't have the chance to play like those that converted to PS4 from 360, which was alot. Not capitalizing on this would be foolish on Sony's part.
Basic features:
At this point we just EXPECT gaming consoles to do more than game. Now I'm not naturally defending this but I do understand Sony's stand point. They built the OS from the ground up and wanted to meet a deadline with complete operational gaming console the other features took a bac seat. For me this was ok I have multiple devices that do most playback and many other work arounds untill the PS4 is up to speed like my PS3 and Vita and Phone I have most covered. Now alot arent in the same position as me which is understandable but Anyones own expectations will them to their own disappointment. I would love to have my PS4 feature rich but it isn't, It games very well and I'm happy with that for now. The UI def needs a bit of work still not anything diff from last gen on both consoles

I think PS4s first year was defined by these 5 games:
Game Rooom
Notible mentons: Indies, overall PS+, Free2Play titles, Remasters.

Those negative points hardly DEFINE the 1st year. let alone they aren't The astounding SALES, decent marketing, and forced exclusivity, and consistence and answering feed back is would made the year for me. Sony was not keen on these things all at the same time and stay consistent in the passed. Mix that with the perfect storm of public blunders on it's competition made Sony's successful year with the PS4

GNCFLYER1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

That is a fine list of PS exclusive games. I played them all and enjoyed every minute. Oops, forgot destiny was on the list.

Multiplatform games are great also, but exclusives like driveclub really show what the console is capable of.