Why Majora’s Mask May be the Best Zelda Ever

ZI: "It’s no secret that Majora’s Mask is a beloved game here at Zelda Informer – regularly picked by our fans and our staff as one of the top games in the series, but if we set aside all of the fan assumptions, theories, and general praise – what is at the core of this title’s greatness?

While I am not here to tell you this is the best game in the series, there are reasons every game in this beloved franchise could be considered the best. My goal is to try and look beneath the surface to find the core values that put each game over the top. There are always more reasons for each one of us that a game deserves the top spot, but almost all of them are built off of the core reasons I present."

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Canary1392d ago

And here I thought we all already knew this.

Metallox1392d ago

But Twilight Princess exists.

*holds the shield*

DEATHxTHExKIDx1392d ago

Twilight Princess is my favorite.

Chrischi19881392d ago

Umm, no. Sorry, I like Majoras Mask and think Zelda is the best franchise of all time, in my opinion, but Majoras Mask is far from being the best. The Bosses sucked, only 4 dungeons. The only thing, that was really really good, is the amount of side quests.

Oot is better, TP is better (in my opinion) and please people, do not forget A link to the past.

wonderfulmonkeyman1392d ago (Edited 1392d ago )

It's one of my top rated, for sure, because of the deep interpersonal connections that you forged with the residents of the world through the side-quests.

Perfect example: The Kafei and Anju side-quest.
The end result of that was a heart-piece, but I'd like to believe, personally, that that's not why most of us went through all the trouble required to complete the quest.
We did it because the drama between them forged in us the desire to see these two come together at what they felt was the end.[though we, as Link, do eventually stop that end]
It's just one example of many, but MM's side-quests made us actually CARE about the people we're helping.

That's not something a lot of games do these days; most games with side quests are just "Here's this NPC! Here's what they'll GIVE you if you do what they ask! Okay, mission complete, take the reward, Bye bye!"

In most of those instances, we forget about the NPC once the reward's done and their troubles are over. We wouldn't go back to help them if they didn't yet again offer us a reward for doing so.
But for MM, though I might be amongst the minority, I personally felt gratification from seeing myself better their lives through these quests.

In fact, it has gotten to the point that I do not consider any final 3 day run through complete, unless I've done the following:

-Bring Anju and Kafei together.
-Solve the troubles at the Ranch.
-Attend the Zora concert and restore Laruto's voice.
-Banish the wandering spirits near the mill and cure the little girl's father of his Gibdo disease.
-Defeat all 4 major temple bosses to cure the various regions of their own issues.

Once I've done these things in a playthrough, then, and ONLY then, do I move on to facing the four Masked Children trials and Majora himself.
I do this because their various storylines are interesting, enough so that I don't feel I've done the game justice unless I've gone into the final battle having guaranteed them a better future, once things are done and over with, via solving their problems in the here and now.

It made me care about their problems.
It made me desire to see their story have just as happy an ending as my own.

THAT, is why I feel it's one of the best Zelda games thus far.

KimikoGaming1392d ago

I agree. The thing I love about Majora's mask, aside from content, masks, areas, bosses, items, etc is that every character, whether major or minor, has something going on that makes you care for them. In other Zelda games, you see a minor character and you just think of them as someone who gives you a reward for beating a side quest.

It is a shame that so many people dislike Majora's Mask, simply because the time limit is "too restricting." But to be honest, as long as you play the inverted song of time, activate owl statues, and always reset the 3 days after activating the owl statue before the dungeon, the time limit isn't restricting at all.

Neavan1392d ago

it is the best Zelda in opinion

1392d ago
demonddel1392d ago

Yes it is only if the Zoot Never existed which that game is not only the best Zelda but it's also the greatest video game ever not an opinion it's a fact lol

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